Critics have nothing but positive things to say about Hogwarts Legacy

There's no magical trickery at work here folks, the highly anticipated open-world Harry Potter game delivers on all fronts.

Now that Warner Bros. has cast Wingardium Leviosa on the Hogwarts Legacy embargo, critics can finally tell us what they think of the open-world Wizarding World title. And, apparently, people love playing as an open-world wizard, morality be damned.

Reviews Have Nothing But Positive Things To Say About Hogwarts Legacy
It appears that Hogwarts Legacy is as magical as the source material.

After being leaked several years ago and officially confirmed ahead of the PS5's release in 2020, Warner Bros' first massive attempt at making a AAA Harry Potter game is a success. The prequel/spin-off is an entirely separate thing from the Harry Potter novels and movies that most of us grew up with. Hogwarts Legacy is set in the 1800s, several years before the events of both Harry Potter and the Fantastic Beasts movies.

So, what do critics think about Hogwarts Legacy? Read on below:

Reviews Have Nothing But Positive Things To Say About Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy could be the start of the next big gaming franchise.

Many gamers and non-gamers alike grew up on Harry Potter, literally. Each subsequent release of a new installment of the novels and the movies made audiences feel a lot like they were part of the entire story. By the time the novels and movies came out, the kids who were happily wishing for a letter from Hogwarts had grown up to become adults. In between, most learned that age is not an issue and you can always stand up to great evil, especially when you have your friends and family to support you.

Courage, friendship, loyalty are all things that Potterheads grew up on, regardless of their preferred house. Unfortunately, Hogwarts Legacy didn't have a decade to sell and grow on us.

As GamesRadar+'s Josh West puts it, "If Avalanche can be accused of anything, it's that the studio has tried to do too much all at once. Something was always going to give - between the massive open world, the messy RPG economy, exciting action combat, and adventure story that wants to cast you as a hero with homework due on Monday."

While Hogwarts Legacy doesn't quite cast you as the "Chosen One", it's the best interpretation of the Hogwarts experience in video game form. Plus, we have to admit, it feels nice to not be punished for being a bad guy for once.

Reviews Have Nothing But Positive Things To Say About Hogwarts Legacy
Video game adaptations of movies and novels don't have the reputation but Hogwarts Legacy has managed to surpass all expectations.

As a faithful video game adaptation, Hogwarts Legacy sets a foundation that Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. can use to build an entire gaming franchise on. Judging from how well the game has sold and is still selling, it wouldn't surprise us if Warner Bros. Discovery goes the gaming route instead of rebooting the cinematic universe, as rumored.

PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC owners will enjoy Hogwarts Legacy first on February 10 but those who pre-ordered the game can enjoy it as early as Tuesday, February 7.

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