Returnal get a February release date on the PC

Housemarque's PS5 exclusive is finally headed to the platform where it arguably belongs.

The Last of Us Part 1 isn't going to be the first true PlayStation exclusive that's headed to desktops this year. According to Sony, the rogue-lite action RPG psychological horror bullet hell shooter (we know, it's a handful) will be available to play on arguably the best platform to enjoy it on February 15.

returnal february release date pc
The "recommended" spec isn't as demanding as you'd expect from one of the better-looking games to come out in recent memory.

After several months of rumors (and being leaked by Nvidia), Sony confirmed, before last year ended, that Returnal will be coming to the PC in "early 2023" and it definitely wasn't joking.

As expected, the launch date of Returnal on the PC comes with a slew of important information, specifically, a handful of PC-specific features and requirements. On the PC, Returnal will support both Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR as well as Nvidia Image Scaling. In addition to this, the PC port of Returnal will have ray-tracing reflections (an upgrade over ray-traced shadows on the PS5), ultrawide, and super ultrawide display resolutions.

Unfortunately, as per the official announcement, running Returnal on the PC at 1080p, 60fps, and high graphics settings will still require 16GB of RAM. More importantly, if you'd like to enjoy Returnal at its best, you'll need 32GB.

Admittedly, the requirements are pretty steep but it isn't as unreasonable as Forspoken.

returnal february release date pc
It'll be interesting to see how well Returnal will sell now that it's on the PC.

Complaints about the hardware requirements aside, it's great to see Sony fully supporting the PC platform as promised. It wasn't too long ago that Sony wanted nothing to do with porting their games to other platforms. We're hoping Sony will just have as open of a mind with the PSVR2, which comes out next month.

Speaking of the PlayStation, Sony just released its round-up of the best games that are coming to the platform this year.

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