Return to Monkey Island will be ready to set sail in September

The aptly named next entry in the Monkey Island series is arriving on the Nintendo Switch and the PC in less than a month.

It's hard to believe that we're getting a new Monkey Island game this year, but here we are.

It will be interesting to see how Ron Gilbert will make a rather aging gameplay mechanic mesh with modern gamers with Return to Monkey Island.

Ron Gilbert first teased the next Monkey Island title earlier this year. Most didn't believe him as we were fresh off of April Fool's day. But, it appears that Gilbert wasn't joking around.

A few days later, we got the news that Return to Monkey Island is coming out sometime this year. Now, we finally know exactly when it's hitting store shelves, thanks to a trailer at Gamescom 2022.

Gilbert's development studio, Terrible Toybox, described the upcoming Return to Monkey Island game as a "follow-up to the legendary Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge." This should be good news for fans who weren't quite happy with the later installments in the series.

The best part is that Return to Monkey Island is launching on September 19.

Unfortunately, Return to Monkey Island might be the last. It's described as the "exciting conclusion to the Monkey Island series."

While much about Return to Monkey Island remains shrouded in mystery, Gilbert has done an excellent job dropping interesting tidbits in recent months. For example, we know that the story will pick up years after the last encounter between Guybrush Threepwood and the zombie pirate, LeChuck. In the meantime, much of the world had changed. Elaine Marley is already off to tend to other responsibilities. Meanwhile, some of the younger pirates like Captain Madison made a name for themselves.

As much as Gilbert hyped Return to Monkey Island as a return to form for the point-and-click adventure series, we're expecting to see several innovations and new changes. We're hoping this includes a revamped inventory system that's less of a headache to manage.

Ray Ampoloquio
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