Respawn Entertainment is reportedly working on a secret FPS title

According to a reputable source, Respawn's next shooter will emphasize "mobility" and "style" but is definitely not Titanfall 3.

So far, everything that Respawn Entertainment has touched has turned to gold. After 2014's Titanfall, fans associate the EA subsidiary with quality titles. So, you can understand why everything that they're working on tends to generate buzz. Case in point, Respawn's unannounced new game, which reportedly sounds like Titanfall but isn't a new Titanfall installment.

If the reports are true, then Respawn is working on at least two AAA titles.

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According to Jeff Grubb, a well-known industry insider, one of Respawn's next games is a AAA first-person shooter. What is interesting is that Grubb describes it as a game that's all about "style" and "mobility" but emphasizes that it's not Titanfall 3. Grubb added that No Russian's creator, Mohammad Alavi, served as the creative director of Respawn's secret AAA shooter before he left the project a few days ago.

Of course, Grubb might be a trusted source, but he's not connected to Electronic Arts or Respawn Entertainment in any way. We suggest that you take his words with caution. At the same time, it wouldn't hurt to pay close attention to Respawn in the next few months either.

Respawn might have used Titanfall as its main claim to fame, but it's no one-trick pony. For example, Apex Legends, which might still be set in the Titanfall universe, has consistently been a huge draw for EA and Respawn ever since it was stealth launched in 2019. In addition, many gamers consider Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order one of the best Star Wars games of all time with a sequel already "confirmed".

If Respawn is indeed working on a new game that's like Titanfall, we can rest easy knowing that the studio will deliver.

Besides, the other key detail about Respawn's rumored AAA shooter is that it will focus heavily on the single-player aspect of the game. Both Titanfall games had noteworthy single-player campaigns even when Respawn's main focus was the multiplayer experience. You can only imagine how much better the campaign of Respawn's upcoming shooter is going to be if the studio goes all-in on giving the game a good story.

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