Respawn CEO wants to make Titanfall 3

Vince Zampella says that he would love to see the third game but all the stars will have to align together first to make it happen.

Fans may be excited with Zampella's newest statement about the Titanfall series.

It has been some time since the last Titanfall came out. Titanfall was released way back in 2016 and fans have been hoping to see Respawn Entertainment return to the series

The success of the Titanfall spinoff Apex Legends has dashed much hope from fans that the studio would circle back and continue the series.

In a chat with Barron's, Respawn’s CEO Vince Zampella says that he also wants to see a new installment to the series.

"I hate to say yes, then people latch onto that, and then skewer you when it doesn't come," said Zampella, "But I would love to see it happen is the real answer”.

However, Zampella clarifies that the studio isn’t working on a third game just yet. He said that the studio needs to work on it at the right moment for the project to make sense. The studio also recently canceled an unnamed Titanfall game that was in development.

Respawn's CEO clarifies that the studio is not working on Titanfall 3 yet.

"It has to be the right thing," Zampella said. "It's such a beloved franchise for the fans and also for us. If it is not the right moment in time, the right idea, then it just doesn't make sense."

Respawn doesn’t want to take away attention from the very successful Apex Legends. The free-to-play battle royale hero shooter has a massive player base and recently reached a milestone of over 500,000 concurrent users on Steam.

"There’s how do you do something that doesn’t confuse people that are Apex fans, but not necessarily Titanfall fans yet," Zampella explains. "It's a hard question to answer".

It is clear that Respawn’s boss has genuine attention to the series. However, fans of the series shouldn’t read too much into the statement as the studio has a lot of things to worry about at the moment.

Zampella shares that the studio should work on the next mainline title at the right time.

Aside from continuing to add new content to Apex Legends, the studio has its hands full with Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. The long-awaited sequel to Fallen Order has had a dismal launch for PC. The game had a number of performance issues on PC rendering the game unplayable.

Respawn has released a massive day-one patch to address some of the issues while promising to improve the game's state. The studio has also released a statement apologizing to gamers affected by the bugs. This means Respawn and EA will have to put in some more work on the game similar to how DICE labored to revive Battlefield 2042 after a disastrous launch.
So, will we be seeing Titanfall 3 anytime soon? The odds are very slim but Zampella’s statement does give us some hope as Respawn’s top honcho has it on the top of his mind.

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