Resident Evil Village Size and Performance Details

Resident Evil Village hasn't been officially released yet. However, physical copies have already leaked online, and with the demo being released early on the PlayStation 4, as well as PlayStation 5, people now have an idea of how well it performs the PS4 compared to the PS5, as well as how much disk space Resident Evil Village will consume once installed.

As we inch closer to the game's release, we now have more details regarding Resident Evil Village's file size and performance.

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Resident Evil Village Size and Day One Patch

The second part of the early demo for the PS4 and PS5 treated fans to a more intimate tour of Castle Dimitrescu.

According to numerous users on Twitter, retail copies of Resident Evil Village have already leaked in Australia. Some users have even gone and posted photos of the final box art of Resident Evil Village, which states that Resident Evil Village will take up around 30GB on the PlayStation 5. This isn't that far off from the earlier leaks that claimed that Resident Evil Village will take up around 27GB of storage space once installed on the PlayStation 5.

Resident Evil Village PS4 and PS5 Performance

With the Resident Evil Village demo already out on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, PlayStation owners have had a chance to check out just how well the next-gen Resident Evil title plays on each PlayStation console. Although many expected that the game would be more intensive compared to 2017's Resident Evil: Biohazard, the game runs surprisingly well even on a base PlayStation 4.

As per the comparison video above, Resident Evil Village runs at a 1600x900 resolution on a base PS4 and can maintain 60 frames per second for the most part with the occasional dips to the low 50s. This exceptional performance is maintained on the PlayStation 4 Pro as well, where Resident Evil Village can run on either 3840x2160 resolution (Resolution Mode) or 1920x1080 (Performance Mode) while maintaining 60 frames per second as well.

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Naturally, Resident Evil Village runs best on the PlayStation 5. Owners can choose to run Resident Evil Village with Ray Tracing Mode turned on or off, depending on their preferences. However, in both instances, the PlayStation 5 can maintain 60 frames per second, with some noticeable dips in Ray Tracing Mode.

Be sure to watch the performance review for a more in-depth look at how Resident Evil Village performs on the PS4, PS4 Pro, and PS5.

What's Next for Resident Evil Village?

With the early demo period for the PS4 and PS5 now over, gamers from other platforms are eagerly awaiting their chance to play Resident Evil Village this weekend. By then, we'll have a better idea of how well Resident Evil Village performs on the PC as well as the Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and the Xbox Series X.

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