Resident Evil Characters We'd Like to See in the Resident Evil Village DLC

If you felt underwhelmed by Capcom's showcase at E3 2021, you're not alone. The consensus seems to be that Capcom had the most disappointing show at E3 2021. However, despite the overall lackluster content of Capcom's event, there was a lone bright spot.

Ada was originally intended to appear in Resident Evil Village. It's high time that Capcom fixes that.

At E3 2021, Capcom confirmed that Resident Evil Village will be getting DLC content. Unfortunately, Capcom didn't reveal anything else. There was no trailer or description of the upcoming Resident Evil Village DLC. This leaves us with plenty of room to speculate and wonder, especially since the ending of the game left a lot unexplored and to be uncovered in future expansions or installments.

Below, we've rounded up some of the Resident Evil characters that we'd love to see in the Resident Evil Village DLC when it arrives.

Jill Valentine

Chronologically speaking, it's been 12 years since we saw Jill Valentine.

As Chris Redfield's longtime partner and arguably the most popular Resident Evil female protagonist, Jill Valentine's been notoriously absent for years. Jill first appeared as one of the two playable characters in the original Resident Evil game and starred in a solo role in Resident Evil 3 (and its 2020 remake).

Chronologically speaking, Jill was last seen in 2009 during the events of Resident Evil 5. She was rescued by Chris Redfield after spending years brainwashed under Albert Wesker's control. Since then, she's been in a BSAA lab undergoing tests and rehabilitating.

After the ending of Resident Evil Village teased that Chris was headed to the BSAA headquarters in Europe next, it'll be interesting to see the former partners team up once again to investigate why the BSAA sent living bioweapons.

Ada Wong

Ada was last seen in her own campaign for Resident Evil 6.

Does anyone know who Ada Wong really is? The enigmatic spy has been known as Ada for years, but we know that this isn't her real name. We also know that she's been an operative for "The Organization", the same rival company of Umbrella that's believed to have been behind the creation of Eveline, the primary antagonist of Resident Evil Biohazard.

Considering Capcom initially considered adding Ada Wong to Resident Evil Village at some point during the game's development, it just makes too much sense to include her in future Resident Evil Village DLCs.

Hound Wolf Squad

Chris Redfield might be awesome, but he's no one-man army. He came to Lady Miranda's village with some backup. Namely, the Hound Wolf Squad, a team of former BSAA operatives under the leadership of Chris himself. Although the screentime for the five-man squad (outside of Chris) lasted only a few short minutes, we get to see enough of the Hound Wolf Squad to pique our interest.

What's also unique about the Hound Wolf Squad is that not a single one of them died during the events of Resident Evil Village.

When you think about the other squads that have been featured in previous Resident Evil games, the survival of the entire Hound Wolf Squad just speaks to the level of their skill and prowess. This makes them the perfect candidates to appear in a Resident Evil Village DLC.

The way that we see it, Capcom could let players control one of the five and give each their own loadout as they raced to escape someplace (probably the Village?) while fighting through a horde of monsters with limited ammo.

It's a scenario that we've seen play out with The 4th Survivor minigame for 2019's Resident Evil 2 Remake, but one that we bet that most will be willing to pay good money for.

The Duke

It'd be interesting to see if there's anything that really connects The Duke and The Merchant from RE4.

Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil 4 aren't just connected thematically. The two are also unique in that they share enigmatic merchants who seem to be willing to aid each game's respective protagonist so long as they get paid. Both are the only mainline Resident Evil games to share such a gameplay mechanic. In fact, the two know even know each other. Duke will sometimes say, "What're you buying?" when you speak to him in Village, which he says is "just something that an old friend of mine used to say."

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While not explicitly mentioned, this confirms that there exists a trading network in Europe that's canon to the Resident Evil timeline where beings with zero past whatsoever exist with no apparent reason other than to sell your weapons or buy your wares.

Capcom could have just created these two as useful gameplay resources. However, both play roles in the story. The Duke, in particular, occasionally helps Ethan out for some reason. The wholesome theory here is that there exists a community of failed bioweapons in Resident Evil that's turned to buying and selling goods to get by.

The more sinister theory is that these entrepreneurs are part of a larger organization with insidious goals.

Either way, the fact that these two only exist in Europe could pave the way for a future where Capcom could explore the connection between these shrewd businessmen.

Chris Redfield

Who wouldn't want to play as one of these five awesome guys?

The "Not A Hero" DLC mini-campaign from Resident Evil Biohazard was a great way to switch things up from the survival horror gameplay of the base game with Ethan Winters in to a more action-oriented playstyle with Chris Redfield as the playable protagonist.

Since Capcom already gave players a chance to play as Chris in the base Resident Evil Village game, it would be great to make an entire DLC out of it.

As we've previously mentioned, Chris is likely headed to the European headquarters of BSAA next. An entire DLC campaign revolving around him shooting the bejesus out of living bioweapons as he (and hopefully Jill) look into what's happening with the BSAA would be a dream come true.

Lady Dimitrescu

You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who wouldn't want to see more of Lady D.

Lady Dimitrescu was one of the more disappointing aspects of an otherwise flawless installment in Resident Evil Village.

The gargantuan vampire lady was prominently featured in promotional materials in the lead-up to the game's release. Capcom put her on everything from life-sized standees to towels with cosplayers also giving "Lady D" their own respective takes.

Unfortunately, Lady Dimitrescu wasn't as scary as initially billed. Players quickly grew tired of her furious stomping around the halls of Castle Dimitrescu. However, while running away from her as Ethan was disappointing, other characters might not fare as well against her. Capcom could feature Lady D in her own "Lady of Zoe" DLC or let gamers play as her in a mini-campaign.

Either way, giving players more of Lady Dimitrescu is the least that Capcom could do for doing the game's most iconic villain dirty.

Oswell E. Spencer

Spencer's time in the village would make for an interesting mini-campaign.

The majority of the DLC that we've talked about so far either takes place in the future after Resident Evil Village or during its events. This one would take place in the past, decades before the events of the game.

The eighth installment in the Resident Evil series gave gamers a bit of a history lesson by telling them that the entirety of the Umbrella Corporation, from its logo to its founder's evolutionist goals, can trace its roots all the way back to the village where Oswell E. Spencer found himself spending months in as he studied under Lady Miranda.

A DLC where you play as Spencer could make for an intriguing journey as you see him go from university student to becoming the man that's arguably responsible for the fall of mankind.

Either that or a DLC where you play as a villager who just happened to live long enough to witness the village transform over the past century would also well.

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