The Resident Evil Village DLC is finally coming in October

The first (and possibly last) noteworthy post-launch content for Resident Evil: Village will have you playing as an adult Rose.

Capcom has finally revealed the first big expansion for Resident Evil Village and it makes the game look, well, different.

It definitely looks like the effects of that explosion over the years weren't kind to The Duke.

For those who might have already forgotten about one of last year's best games - it was nominated for the Game of the Year award at TGA 2021 - Resident Evil Village went viral in the months leading up to its launch and when it came out.

For one, the internet was all over the nine-foot-tall aristocrat, Lady Dimitrescu as Capcom leaned into Alcina's popularity to market the game. But, marketing gimmicks aside, Resident Evil Village was a genuinely good game that was reviewed well by critics and audiences alike.

However, one of the glaring flaws of the eighth mainline Resident Evil game is that it didn't add as many new things to the franchise's survival-horror formula unlike its predecessor, 2017's Resident Evil: Biohazard.

Fast forward to over a year after Resident Evil 8 hit the market, Capcom is addressing this problem.

We wouldn't be surprised if Ethan makes a cameo appearance in the Rose-centric DLC sequel to Resident Evil Village.

After Resident Evil 7 turned the series on its head with its first-person camera angle, the Winters' Expansion pack will bring back the series' classic over-the-shoulder third-person perspective. This might make the experience less intimate and somewhat horrifying, but you could also argue that the wider view will let you see more of the nasties headed your way.

On top of the third-person mode, Winters' Expansion will come with a new story campaign, Shadows of Rose. The DLC content will pick up 16 years following the events of Village and sees Rose go back to the titular location to learn more about her abilities.

Changing the camera angle paved the way for the award-winning fright-soaked installment from 2017. It gave way for more jump scares and really brought the series back to its survival horror series roots after the later installments eschewed what made the games so memorable for more action and gunplay. Not to mention, the VR mode was a natural fit.

Even though we loved the scarier take on Resident Evil, we're not lying that we're curious to see how the third-person mode will affect the game's atmosphere. If nothing else, it gives us another reason to check out Village once again.

We're hoping that Shadows of Rose isn't the only additional story campaign for Resident Evil Village.

At the end of the day, we're happy (and frightened) to see Resident Evil return to form. The series looked dead in the water in the early 2010s, and now, a live-action adaptation film came out last year with a new live-action series streaming on Netflix on July 8. Finally, the long-rumored Resident Evil 4 Remake is also set to hit store shelves by March next year.

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