Is a Resident Evil Village Expansion in the Works?

Future DLC is all but confirmed for AAA titles, especially those that go on to become one of the best-selling games for a particular platform, just like Resident Evil Village has.

A Resident Evil Village expansion with Chris Redfield in the lead would make a lot of sense given how the game ended.

At the moment, Resident Evil Village has sold three million copies in just four days. This makes it the fastest-selling title in the Resident Evil franchise. The eighth mainline installment of the Resident Evil series is also the third-best-selling PS5 game, where half of all the copies sold so far are coming from.

Given all of its success so far, it begs the question, why hasn't Capcom announced an expansion yet?

Is There a Resident Evil Village Expansion Available?

Outside of the Trauma Pack DLC, there's no confirmed Resident Evil Village expansion as of yet.

Technically, a DLC is already available for Resident Evil Village. The Trauma Pack DLC was released alongside the game on May 7 as part of the Deluxe Edition and Collector's Edition. The DLC is also available for purchase separately for those who are interested.

Unfortunately, the Trauma Pack DLC doesn't come with added playable content. Instead, it gives players the Samurai Edge weapon, as well as other bonus items. This includes extra music, concept art, and a "found footage" graphics filter from Resident Evil 7.

Players with the Trauma Pack DLC installed will also unlock the "Village of Shadows" right from the start. Normally, players would have to play through Resident Evil Village first to access the highest difficulty level.

So far, Capcom hasn't announced other similar DLCs and expansion for Resident Evil Village.

The closest thing to a DLC for Resident Evil Village outside of the Trauma Pack DLC is Resident Evil Re: Verse. Capcom intended to release the free-to-play standalone multiplayer deathmatch alongside Resident Evil Village. Unfortunately, technical issues forced Capcom to postpone the game's release to Summer 2021.

Where Could a Possible Resident Evil Village Expansion Go?

A Resident Evil Village expansion could revolve around Chris finding out that the BSAA sent over zombified soldiers to the village.

If it's any consolation, the Trauma Pack DLC did contain a lot of exciting information. In particular, at some point during the game's development, Capcom thought of adding Ada Wong to Resident Evil Village. The Trauma Pack DLC even contained concept art of what Ada Wong would have looked like in the game and her role.

Ultimately, Capcom decided against adding the mysterious unnamed spy to Resident Evil Village. Perhaps they thought that adding Wong would have added unnecessary complication to the story. However, that doesn't mean that Capcom can't revisit the idea in the future.

For example, Ada Wong is closely associated with longtime Umbrella rivals, The Organization. Although The Organization was not mentioned at all in Resident Evil Biohazard and Resident Evil Village, it is possible that the unnamed organization could very well be The Connections that was responsible for the Baker Incident, among others.

Not to mention, the ending of Resident Evil Village did hint that something else was going on during the events of the game. Just as Chris Redfield and Mia Winters escape the village on board their plane, one of Chris' operatives revealed that the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, otherwise known as BSAA, had sent over bio-weapons, a.k.a zombies, and not soldiers.

With Ethan Winters' story over and Rosemary Winters' story set far into the future, Capcom can play around with the current timeline a bit. Specifically, Capcom could release an expansion surrounding the events of Chris Redfield's confrontation of the BSAA. The ending did allude to Chris heading over to the BSAA's European HQ next.

Besides, for Chris Redfield to effectively go rogue against an organization that he co-founded is a pretty big deal. It also speaks a lot about who could be behind it all along.

Who's to say that The Organization hasn't infiltrated the BSAA? Better yet, what if The Organization has been a key player in the BSAA all along? Years later, we still don't know the name of who Ada Wong has been working for and the extent of its influence. But, we do know that it is a powerful organization that Albert Wesker once sought to rule for himself.

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