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Resident Evil fans petition HBO for The Last of Us treament

Fans are clamoring for HBO to create a new Resident Evil TV series after the premiere of The Last of Us.

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Fans are hoping for HBO to take the Resident Evil series and give it a treatment similar to The Last of Us.

The season premiere of The Last of Us was a huge success, delivering an exceptionally faithful adaptation of the hit video game. The HBO Max series is a nearly shot for shot recreation that captures the drama and intensity of the video game it is based on - and now Resident Evil fans are starting to get ideas.

Fans of another popular horror video game franchise have taken notice of the success of The Last of Us. Resident Evil fans are now petitioning HBO to make its own live-action adaptation of the popular video game franchise from Capcom.

The Resident Evil series is no stranger to live-action adaptations, having already had six movies starring Mila Jovovich. Featuring a new storyline with Jovovich playing Alice, a character created only for the films alongside some of its more popular characters. Despite the negative reviews from critics and fans, the series managed to earn $1.28 billion at the global box office.

2021’s Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City is the seventh movie based on the series and is a reboot. The film did not do well at the box office, earning just $42 million against a budget of $25 million. While the most recent film was faithful to the source material, it did not capture what fans were hoping for with the series.

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Mila Jovovich starred in six Resident Evil movies as Alice.

Netflix also attempted a live-action series based on the Resident Evil IP. The series was canceled after just one season, having received mixed reviews and continuing the trend of the franchise seemingly missing swings at non-game adaptations.

With the success of The Last of Us on HBO, fans are taking to social media to express their desire for the streaming platform to give Resident Evil the same treatment. The Last of Us was widely praised for being true to the source material and bringing what fans expected from a live-action adaptation.

One of the things that makes The Last of Us a successful live-action adaptation is its attention to detail. HBO did a great job of taking the source material and just telling the story as it is. It is as if the series recreated the feeling of playing the video game with the TV show.

HBO’s The Last of Us also had a significant advantage as Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann was part of the creation of the TV show, who wrote the screenplay and also directed an episode. This hands-on approach from the video game creator has made a huge impact on the live-action adaptation.

resident evil art
Hopefully, any future Resident Evil projects would take inspiration from The Last of Us.

As for Resident Evil, Constantin Film owns the rights to the live-action adaptations of the video game series. The studio bought the rights to the series in 1997, way before the first movie was released. Despite a less than stellar track record, it seems to be intent on keeping the rights.

With Netflix canceling its live-action adaptation of Resident Evil, Constantin Film may be looking for another partner. It is unclear, however, if the studio can offer the rights to HBO or if it still has contractual obligations to Netflix.

Hopefully, we will get to see a much more successful live-action adaptation of Resident Evil soon. The video game franchise will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2026 and now would be the perfect time to start working on a new TV series or movie for Resident Evil.

The Last of Us is available for streaming on HBO Max with new episodes coming out every Sunday.

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