Resident Evil Cinematic Reboot to Release on September 2021

Paul W.S Anderson's take on the Resident Evil franchise wasn't always well-received, both by fans and critics alike. However, the infamous line of campy movies were quite popular enough to receive multiple sequels.

The cinematic reboot of the Resident Evil franchise will reportedly take inspiration from the video games and go back to its roots.

Unfortunately, they weren't quite as faithful to the games. This has led many to wish for a proper movie adaptation of the games.

In 2020, fans got what they wanted. In fact, fans got more than what they wished because there are currently multiple Resident Evil movies in the works. This includes, among others, a cinematic reboot that will be helmed by Johannes Roberts.

The 44-year-old British film writer/director had previously worked on underwater thriller 47 Meters Down and its sequel, as well as the sequel to the 2008 horror film, The Strangers, titled The Strangers: Prey at Night in 2018.

New Resident Evil Movie Gets a Release Date

Roberts' Resident Evil film was first announced back in 2019. However, not much has been announced regarding the film. That is, until now.

Canadian actor Chad Rook took to Twitter to tease the official release date of the theatrical release of the Resident Evil film. He simply captioned it with "are you ready?" along with a teaser image that included the names of STARS members, as well as other prominent characters in the Resident Evil franchise.

The Siren actor is set to take on the role of STARS Bravo team member, Richard Aiken, in the upcoming Resident Evil film.

It'll be interesting to see how the cinematic reboot will honor the source material while also establishing itself as its own entity.

Roberts' decision to reboot the entire cinematic side of the horror franchise represents a fresh start.

According to Roberts back in 2019, his take on the franchise "super, super scary" but "a lot of fun" at the same time. It will also reportedly be much more grounded than the movies that featured Milla Jovovich. The first film, in particular, will take place during the initial outbreak of Raccoon City, taking players all the way back to 1998 during the events of the first two Resident Evil games.

In other Resident Evil news, Netflix is also currently working on their own Resident Evil movie. But, what makes this one different is that it's a series and will be canon to the events of the video game franchise. Netflix has yet to confirm when the Resident Evil series will air on the subscription-based video streaming platform.

A new mainline title in Resident Evil Village is also set to launch on May 7th. It will take place following the events of Resident Evil 7 and will feature a broodier Chris Redfield, as well as a nine-foot-tall vampire queen, among others.

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