The Resident Evil 4 remake is real and it's coming to the PS5 in March

After much speculation, Capcom has finally confirmed the remake of Resident Evil 4.

It appears that Capcom's current "cycle" of releasing remakes of older Resident Evil titles in between new installments will continue.

Resident Evil 4 was a revolutionary game when it came out in 2005.

After coming out with Resident Evil Village last year, Capcom confirmed that the remake of Resident Evil 4 is making its way to next-gen consoles on March 24, 2023. The latest intel came at Sony's latest State of Play showcase where Sony also revealed that PSVR2 content for the upcoming remake is in development. In addition, Capcom also added that a PSVR2 version of Resident Evil Village is set to hit the market.

As per Edvin Edsö, a Promotion Producer at Capcom, Resident Evil 4 is a "reimagining" of the 2005 title, using "state-of-the-art quality for a survival horror suitable for 2023, while preserving the essence of the original game." The Resident Evil 4 remake also looks like it will make changes to the original game's control scheme as well, which hopefully means fewer QTE events.

We're not going to lie, it was awesome seeing Resident Evil 4 on the PS5. Many, including us, consider it the best Resident Evil game and the remake will help introduce the influential title to a new generation of gamers.

But, was it really necessary? Unlike Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, Resident Evil 4 isn't exactly inaccessible. Just recently, Capcom released a new VR version of Resident Evil 4. Not to mention, Resident Evil 4 has been ported to more platforms than even The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Grand Theft Auto V.

Interestingly enough, we only get a few glimpses of Leon's face in the first trailer for Resident Evil 4.

We have little doubt that Resident Evil 4 will sell well and do better than 2020's watered-down remake of Resident Evil 3.

Hopefully, this is the last Resident Evil remake that Capcom has up its sleeve.

Speaking of Resident Evil, we might have to stop waiting on that DLC content for Resident Evil Village. With a PSVR2 version of the game and Resident Evil 4 confirmed, the Japanese publisher just effectively dashes our hopes for any post-launch content for the 2021 title.

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