Resellers are making money off of Final Fantasy 16 on eBay

The Final Fantasy 16 Collector's Edition has an MSRP $349.99 but it's easily selling well over twice the said amount on eBay.

It looks like the hype surrounding Final Fantasy 16 has reached fever pitch.

With an MSRP of $349.99, the Final Fantasy 16 Collector's Edition isn't cheap. But, now that it's no longer in stock ahead of the game's launch on June 22, scalpers are taking advantage of the fervent demand by selling their copies for a huge markup.

If you head on over to eBay right now, you'll find most scalpers selling a copy of the expensive variant of the upcoming FF game for north of $600, which is nearly double the price of the same collection. Not to mention, the shipping could easily cost you more than $50 depending on how far away you are from the seller.

The most brazen part about these scalpers is that they don't have their hands on the physical goodies yet.

So, technically, the said listings are pre-orders of pre-orders.

For the money, here's what you get with the FF16 Collector's Edition:

  • Premium Statue - Phoenix vs Ifrit
  • Metal Eikon Pin Collection
  • Special Clive Rosfield SteelBook® Case
  • Cloth World Map of Valisthea
  • Collector's Edition in-game item
    • Bonus Weapon: Blood Sword
  • Pre-order bonus in-game item
    • Bonus Weapon: Braveheart
    • Bonus Accessory: Cait Sith Charm
  • Collector's Edition bonus in-game item
    • Bonus Accessory: Scholar's Spectacles

It's the law of supply and demand at work here folks. Unless Square Enix suddenly reopens the Final Fantasy 16 Collector's Edition pre-orders, scalpers are your only way of getting your hands on the said items.

Of course, you won't need this extra stuff if you want to enjoy Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16 is said to be the grittiest and most mature entry in the best-selling JRPG franchise.

It's clear Sony and Square Enix want everyone to know that Final Fantasy 16 is their next big collaboration. The most recent State of Play presentation was filled with 25 minutes of gameplay footage for FF16, shedding light on the game's combat system, menu, as well as side characters. Perhaps the positive reaction to the recent State of Play event affected the demand for the Collector's Edition of Final Fantasy 16, resulting in the current state of the market.

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