Report: Dataminers Find First Cyberpunk 2077 Multiplayer Details

While the multiplayer mode of Cyberpunk 2077 is still a ways away from launch, it's clear that CD Projekt Red are neck deep in development, and the groundwork is being laid as we speak. Dataminers have managed to find several references to multiplayer in the game files already, shedding some light on what we can expect.

We've known that Cyperunk 2077 will be getting some form of multiplayer long before release, as well as that being a single player experience first and foremost, online functionality would have to wait. Since then, the developers have revealed not to expect multiplayer until 2022 at the soonest and analysts have predicted a model similar to the highly successful Grand Theft Auto Online in terms of monetization.

Now, thanks to data extracted from the game executable, we know about two of the game modes that the game will support - the basic, expected deathmatch mode, and heists. It seems like CD Projekt Red isn't just taking page from GTA Online, it's taking the whole book.

The best thing about this data being ripped from the executable is that we're not dealing with hearsay. Anyone who owns the game can go and check to verify the code snippets - it's just that some dataminers spotted these entries first.

Regarding the deathmatch mode, several lines of status text were discovered that likely appear as on-screen captions, and we suspect might get commentator shoutouts too. These mostly relate to player deaths:

  • ++ %s joined the match
  • >> %s killed %s
  • You sent yourself directly to hell! Please don’t come back
  • Wow! You killed yourself… Bravo.
  • Your bullet was stronger than your self-esteem
  • Your shot destroyed your own body and soul. Duh
  • You sent %s directly to hell!
  • Wow! You killed %s without compassion
  • Your bullet was stronger than %s’s head
  • Your shot destroyed %s’s body and soul
  • %s sent you directly to hell!
  • Wow! %s killed you without compassion
  • %s’s bullet was stronger than your head
  • %s’s shot destroyed your body and soul
  • AllowJoinInProgressDM

The game won't be mincing words when you manage to off yourself accidentally, it seems. We also have a debug scoreboard, but this isn't as exciting- it could be from any other game, really.

  • KILLS |
  • DEATHS |
  • STATUS |
  • PING |
  • DEAD
  • P L A Y E R S

The real juice comes from all the code snippets related to the exciting heist mode. We don't have a lot to go on, but this is almost definitely a PvE, co-op game mode with gameplay based on some of the capers V pulls in the story mode. This also reveals that there will be a class system in play, so don't expect character options to be as freeform as they are in the single player mode.

  • Set Heist State
  • Set spawn point tag
  • Spawn tag: %s
  • MP.Heist.DebugMessageNameChanged
  • MP.Heist.MessagePlayerReady
  • MP.Heist.SetPlayerCharacterClass
  • MP_PlayerReady
  • ++ %s joined the heist
  • — %s left the heist
  • Character.Cpo_Muppet_Solo
  • Character.Cpo_Muppet_Assassin
  • Character.Cpo_Muppet_Netrunner
  • Character.Cpo_Muppet_Techie
  • lobby
  • cpo_heist_started
  • Character.Cpo_Muppet_Default
  • Character.
  • Character.Cpo_Default_Player

Waiting for players
Waiting for additional players… %u
> Match starts in %u <
Respawn in %u seconds
> Match ends in %u <

Waiting for players…
> Heist starts in %u <
Waiting for players to get ready…
Duplicate characters detected
Respawning player…
Waiting for other players to get ready…
use the debug menu to switch your character
Player is dead
> Heist ends in %u <

players in the Gather Area
Waiting for other players…
Go to the gather area

Solo, Assassin, Netrunner and Techie are the four character classes players will be able to choose from when playing Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer, which will affect abilities and cyberware availability in most likelihood.

Less thrilling is the indication some dataminers have recognized in the code that Cyberpunk 2077's multiplayer servers will run on a peer to peer basis instead of having dedicated servers. While this lessens the expenses for the publisher to operate, it also makes the game much more susceptible to hacks and cheats. This is well documented and proven by a number of other games running on a P2P architecture, that other previously mentioned title chief among them.

Despite the controversy surrounding the state in which the game launched, Cyberpunk 2077 is still a major financial success, and we would have hoped CDPR could spare the revenue to invest in a dedicated server architecture.

We're excited to bring you more details about Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer as they are revealed.

Aron Gerencser
Gaming at least as long as he's been walking, Aron is a fan of all things sci-fi and lover of RPGs. Having written about games for years, he's right at home reporting most of the breaking news in the industry and covering the happenings of the e-sports world. Graduating summa cum laude from Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi with a BA in Media Production, Aron has been a game journalist since 2014. When not writing, editing or playing, Aron is building models which you can find on Instagram.
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