Renfield reveals first trailer featuring Nicolas Cage as Dracula

English actor Nicholas Hoult is set to star in the titular role of Dracula's right-hand man.

renfield cover
Nicolas Cage and Nicholas Hoult are set to star in the upcoming horror comedy.

Academy Award-winning actor Nicolas Cage is taking on a new role in the upcoming horror comedy Renfield. Cage is set to play the legendary vampire Dracula in the new movie and we just got our first look at Cage's comedically dark turn.

Universal Pictures recently dropped the first official trailer for Renfield. The trailer gives fans a glimpse of Cage as Count Dracula. Fans have been itching to see the award-winning actor and his portrayal of the undead Prince of Darkness.

While Cage may draw curious fans to the upcoming horror comedy, he isn't the protagonist of the newest vampire flick. Renfield casts Nicholas Hoult in the titular role of Dracula’s sidekick and man-servant.

The new Renfield trailer starts with Dracula’s right-hand man joining group therapy in a bid to sever ties with his undead master. Renfield narrates to the group his relationship with the vampire lord and how he found a new lease on life after meeting Rebecca, a traffic cop, who's played by Awkwafina.

Cage previously revealed a comedic approach to Dracula in the upcoming flick. "When I got a sense of where McKay wanted to go, I realized the movie has a comedic, pop art attitude," Cage said of his portrayal of Vlad the Impaler. "So I thought: ‘This will be a pop-art Dracula.’ Warhol did a great black-on-black Dracula. This is in that Warhol vein."

Aside from the star-studded trio of Hoult, Cage, and Awkwafina, Renfield’s talented cast include Ben Schwartz, Adrian Martinez, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Bess Rouss, and James Moses Black.

Renfield will be directed by Chris McKay. The director’s body of work includes The Tomorrow War and The Lego Batman Movie. Joining McKay is screenwriter Ryan Ridley of Rick and Morty fame.

renfield art
Cage's portrayal of Dracula in the film as a pop-art vibe.

The original idea for Renfield came from The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman who will be serving as the movie’s producer. Kirkman has assured fans there'll be plenty of violence in the upcoming movie.

The film received an R rating ahead of its release which indicates the presence of violence, and gore. McKay has previously mentioned that the upcoming film will not be a straight-up comedy but will infuse comedic elements into the story.

"What makes it super fun is that it’s a comedy," Cage said about the movie. "And when you get that tone right — comedy and horror — like ‘American Werewolf in London,’ it’s a blast." 

We'll find out more about Renfield when it hits theaters on April 14.

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