Reliable Xbox insider claims that Persona 3 Remake is in development

Unfortunately, the remake might lack some additional content featured in FES and P3P.

Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden are already coming to the newer gen consoles and PC later this month. According to the latest rumors, the Persona 3 Remake is also in development for the new-gen platforms.

Persona Remake Insider Featured

According to a reliable Xbox insider on ResetERA, lolilolailo, Atlus is already working on a full remake of Persona 3 considered as their unannounced project. Lolilolailo is a well-known insider as he had accurately leaked about the third, fourth, and fifth entries coming to Xbox Game Pass before the Japanese studio Atlus officially revealed them.

The news has a divided fan base based on the information we've received so far. Lolilolailo claims that the remake will have great visual enhancements, stability, and quality-of-life updates, but it might not offer all of the content from the original game. This includes content like the epilogue chapter and the main campaign featuring the female protagonist.

Lolilolailo responded to a comment that thought that the remake was not real. Lolilolailo responded with "it is" before he followed up with an in-depth comment stating the reasoning for his answer.

ResetERA Xbox Insider Persona Comment
lolilolailo responds to a comment, giving his thoughts about the Persona 3 Remake.

The insider claims that the Persona 3 Remake is considered "Persona 5" thanks to the new graphical improvements, but it will lack a lot of content, leaving the fans unhappy.

On the flip side, the new-gen console and PC players can now experience the Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden on January 19th, 2023.

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