The release date for God of War: Ragnarok might have just been leaked

The release date for the highly-anticipated PlayStation sequel to 2018's God of War just popped up online.

There are two things that we know about the much-anticipated sequel to 2018's God of War: its name, God of War: Ragnarok, and that it's coming to the PlayStation 4 and 5 sometime in 2022. Unfortunately, it appears that we probably won't be getting an official release date for Sony's second big AAA exclusive for 2022 until Horizon Forbidden West hits the market in February, or later.

Release Date God Of War Ragnarok Leaked
God of War: Ragnarok might be released much sooner than expected.

Having said that, a credible source suggests that Sony intends to hit 2022 hard with two flagship games launching within six months of each other.

Is God of War: Ragnarok going to be released in 2022?

Release Date God Of War Ragnarok Leaked
It appears that Sony plans to blitz 2022 with two flagship AAA titles in the same year.

Sony originally planned to release God of War: Ragnarok in 2021. Unfortunately, it didn't give fans any update about the game's status until June, which was when the studio confirmed that God of War: Ragnarok was going to be delayed to 2022. Then, a few months later, Sony closed out one of its biggest showcases of the year with the first official trailer for God of War: Ragnarok while also confirming its name.

Since then, fans have heard very little about the God of War: Sequel, with PlayStation putting its focus towards the 2018 title's PC port that's coming on January 14, 2022.

As Sony prepares to release Horizon Forbidden West, which recently made headlines for its ginormous file size, God of War fans got some potentially good news.

According to PlayStation Game Size, datamined information straight out of PlayStation's database suggests that God of War: Ragnarok will release on September 30, 2022. Of course, this isn't a sure thing yet. While the Friday release day does line up with standard AAA launches, it makes little sense for Sony to cannibalize its market by releasing Forbidden West and Ragnarok just within six months of each other.

TLDR; God of War: Ragnarok might or might not release in September 2022.

Release Date God Of War Ragnarok Leaked
We're curious about how Sony will go about the DLCs for Ragnarok and Forbidden West when both titles will reportedly be released so close to each other.

What is interesting here is that God of War: Ragnarok has been officially rated in Saudi Arabia. This doesn't happen unless the game is only a few months away from being released. This suggests that there is a chance for Sony to launch God of War: Ragnarok earlier than September. But, if this is true, then it will be interesting to see how releasing both Ragnarok and Forbidden West in the same year will affect one another's sales.

Just keep in mind that this is all just speculation. Until Sony confirms anything, all we can do is wait. If it's any consolation, Forbidden West will arrive on store shelves on February 18, 2022. God of War fans should get an update by then.

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