Redfall now among worst-reviewed Steam games

Redfall, an open-world co-op shooter, joins Steam's worst-reviewed games due to bugs, weak narrative, and poor performance.

It doesn't look like things are going to improve for Redfall anytime soon if ever.

Arkane Studios is known for producing award-winning games with accolades, which is why Redfall is so disappointing.

Unlike Dishonored, Deathloop, and even Prey, Redfall received an unwanted distinction as one of the worst-reviewed Steam games.

To put that into context, there are more than 50,000 games listed on Steam and Redfall is the 14th-worst-reviewed game of all time, which is to say that things have gone from bad to worse for Redfall after launching to bad reviews.

May Redfall serve as a wakeup call for Microsoft and Xbox.

One of the primary criticisms among players is Redfall's polish, or to be honest, the lack thereof. Bugs and glitches abound, disrupting gameplay and making the overall experience frustrating for those who invested their time into the title. On top of this, Redfall suffers from poor optimization, which leads to slow loading times and crashes on all platforms, even if you play it on high-end gaming PCs.

The actual gameplay itself, including the game's narrative and character development, leaves plenty to be desired. Its story, in particular, is said to lack any real depth and engagement. The flat characters have minimal growth potential, which only makes it more difficult for players to feel invested in their journey.

Despite these glaring issues, Redfall isn't without its fans. Some players believe in the potential of Redfall, especially with its unique setting and core gameplay.

Unfortunately, for every positive review of Redfall comes a deluge of negative and well-earned comments, resulting in the low ratings and lackluster reviews that now plague the title on Steam.

Arkane Studios' reputation likely took a hit because of Redfall.

Arkane Studios has yet to address the concerns and complaints surrounding Redfall. However, Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, has promised that Redfall will improve. The only question is, how much room for improvement does Redfall have?

Speaking of Phil Spencer, the straightforward CEO of Xbox Game Studios admitted the Xbox One lost to the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox is no longer in the business of "outconsoling" Sony and Nintendo.

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