Redfall will release in May according to latest leak

Twitter user eXtas1s says that the leaked release date is 100% confirmed.

Redfall is hyped as a must-play Xbox exclusive. To make sure all eyes are on Arkane Studios' latest outing, Bethesda will be showcasing the upcoming open-world horror shooter at the Developer Direct live stream on January 25. But, while we all know that Redfall is coming out this year, we still don't have a release date for it yet.

redfall cover
A new leak suggests that Redfall is coming on the first week of May.

However, if we believe the recent rumors, Redfall isn't just coming out in the first half of the year - it will be available to play on May 2.

The release date comes courtesy of Twitter user eXtas1s who previously leaked information regarding Hideo Kojima’s project Overdose. The insider said that the information is 100% confirmed.

This new information corroborates our previous report that Microsoft is targeting a release in the first week of May. The previous leak revealed that Bethesda may have internally delayed the release of Redfall by six weeks.

Most likely, we'll get Redfall's release date later this month. Xbox Wire Germany initially announced that Microsoft will reveal the launch date for some of its upcoming titles at the event including Redfall, Forza Motorsport, and Minecraft Legends.

redfall art
The upcoming Developer Direct event will feature gameplay from Redfall.

The May release window may be the ideal time to launch Redfall to avoid clashing with other big horror shooters. The Dead Space remake is launching at the end of the month while Dead Island 2 is coming out in April. Finally, the biggest of them all, the remake for Resident Evil 4, will be released in March.

Some reports claim Bethesda wants to release Redfall before Starfield. The upcoming space ARPG is slated for launch at the end of the first half of 2023. An early May release of Redfall and a late June debut for Starfield sounds very much plausible at this point.

Redfall is an open-world horror shooter developed by Arkane Studios Austin. The game is set in the titular town of Redfall, Massachusetts which has been overrun by a horde of Vampires. Players will be tasked with exploring the town to solve the mystery surrounding the undead infestation.

Redfall is coming exclusively to the Windows PC and Xbox Series X/S and will be available on the Xbox Game Pass at launch.

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