Redfall: Release Date, Trailer, Platforms, and More

One thing that developers and studios almost always do when they showcase something is drop a "one more thing" trailer for a game that takes audiences by surprise.

Arkane Studios' Redfall will give fans another co-op shooter to sink their teeth into (get it?).

For Xbox and Bethesda at E3 2021, this was Redfall.

The latest title from Arkane Studios is an open-world, co-op first-person shooter that players can play solo or with up to a four-man squad. It will be Arkane's first game that will be developed AND released after Microsoft acquired ZeniMax Studios.

Read on more below to find out everything that there is to know about Redfall.

Is There a Redfall Trailer Available?

Redfall is an open-world, co-op shooter set in the quaint town of Redfall before vampires decided to paint it red and wreak havoc.

From what we can see in the extended trailer (linked above), Redfall lets players take control of several unique characters that each have their own abilities and unique weapons that will come in handy in the fight against the ridiculously powerful vampires that have decided to call Redfall home.

When Is the Redfall Release Date?

According to the E3 2021 showcase, Redfall will release sometime in Summer 2022.

Which Platforms Will Redfall Release on?

Redfall will be an Xbox exclusive at launch and for the foreseeable future.

Because Arkane Studios is now part of Bethesda Softworks, which now also belongs to Microsoft after its ZeniMax Media acquisition, Redfall will release exclusively on the Xbox Series S/X and PC. It also looks to be a next-gen exclusive title and won't be coming to Xbox One.

With that said, Redfall may release on the PS5. Keep in mind that Arkane Studios is also behind the timed-exclusive for the PS5, Deathloop.

We're not ruling out the possibility of Sony working out a deal with Microsoft to allow Redfall to come to the PS5. However, if this happens, don't expect Redfall to be playable on the PlayStation 5 at least until a few months if not a year or more following its Summer 2022 launch.

Will Redfall Be Available on Xbox Game Pass?

We've got good news for Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass subscription service. Redfall will be added to the Xbox Game Pass library at launch.

Does Redfall Have a Single-Player Campaign?

This is not something that we can confirm or deny at the moment. However, the YouTube description does explicitly state "open-world co-op FPS", so Redfall might not have a single-player campaign. This makes it Arkane Studios' first video game that will not have a campaign.

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