Redfall might release in October

A recent leak suggests that Arkane Studios' upcoming game will be released around the Halloween season.

Fans will welcome anything from Arkane Studios. The ZeniMax Media subsidiary has always delivered excellent gameplay experiences, including 2012's Dishonored and, more recently, 2021's Deathloop, which was nominated for GOTY at TGA 2021. So, it only stands to reason that fans are looking forward to seeing Arkane's latest game, Redfall, in action.

Delaying Redfall to late 2022 isn't ideal, but Arkane Studios deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Unfortunately, Redfall still doesn't have a release date. The last we heard was that Redfall would be delayed to late 2022, which lines up with the most recent rumor.

According to a tweet from Idle Sloth, Arkane plans on launching Redfall right around Halloween in October. In addition to this, Redfall will reportedly add a fifth unannounced playable character, which should be revealed before the game is launched. Also, Redfall will feature an antagonist voiced by Buffy the Vampire Slayer's James Marsters for its 18-hour long campaign. Finally, Idle Sloth revealed that the game will have "vampire animals" as well.

Unfortunately, none of Idle Sloth's information comes from Arkane nor Xbox Game Studios, so take it with a grain of salt.

An October release date for Redfall makes sense. From what we know of Redfall the upcoming open-world first-person shooter will see players fight against vampires and human enemies to rid the fictional town of Redfall of the undead. Because of its theme and premise, a Halloween release date for Redfall is ideal.

Of course, until Arkane updates Redfall's release date, it's best to assume that it's on track for a Summer 2022 release. Then again, given the COVID-19 pandemic, we wouldn't be surprised if the delay is true.

In other Xbox news, Phil Spencer recently shared his thoughts about the rumored Spartacus project by Sony. According to the Xbox head, a competitor to Xbox Game Pass was always inevitable and Spencer appeared to welcome it. Meanwhile, we just found out that Microsoft stopped making the Xbox One in 2020, perhaps to focus its resources towards manufacturing the Xbox Series S/X. Finally, have we told you about Microsoft's latest big-name acquisition, yet?

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