Redfall Europe price leak shows new pricing standard

Fans of Arkane Studios' upcoming co-op FPS will have to reach deep into their pockets to upgrade from the Standard to the Deluxe Edition of Redfall.

One of the most highly anticipated Xbox-exclusive titles projected to come out this year is inching closer to its rumored release date. But given the price tag that a recent report claims is scheduled for the European market, Bethesda might be putting its consumers to the test.

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Even the one month Xbox Game Pass subscription is now looking like a good deal

According to a report from reliable leaker BillbilKun, who originates from the French scene, Arkane Studios' upcoming open-world shooter will set new standards for pricing triple-A games heading into the new year. With the Standard edition of Redfall starting at €79.99, it might just become a precedent in the gaming industry. This is especially true considering that most of the currencies this game will be sold in except for the pound, have lower exchange rates. That means that Redfall will start at around $87 in the US market and at an astonishing 125 Australian dollars.

And that’s just to get your hands on the base game which is scheduled for a release in the first half of 2023 for Microsoft Windows and Xbox Series X|S. The upgrade to the Deluxe Edition will set you back an additional €29.99, which puts the price tag at three digits in any currency. Gaining access to ‌additional features like game passes, DLCs, artbooks and collectibles is always an option for the dedicated player base, but at this price point and for a newly released game, it might backfire and push customers back.

Some of the potential buyers are already lashing out on social media, with Reddit comments saying: "That’s intense, that’s almost $120 Canadian, and I could never see myself paying that much for the base game." And if that fan had any thoughts of getting the Deluxe edition, that would set him back more than 150 Canadian os Australian dollars. But unsurprisingly, Microsoft already has a more affordable alternative that will push us away from ownership and more towards subscription service models.

Upon its rumored release in May, Redfall will be available to all active Game Pass subscribers for free at launch. A yearly subscription might cost a bit more than the Deluxe edition for Redfall, but you will also gain access to a large number of highly anticipated 2023 releases. With titles like Wo Long (scheduled for 3rd March) on Game Pass, Redfall (May 2023), Lies of P, Starfield (TBC Q1/2 2023), and Automic Heart by the end of February, the deal looks more and more like a steal.

It still hasn't been disclosed if the €29.99 Deluxe Edition upgrade for Redfall will apply to the "free" Game Pass version. That will probably be one of the things that the developer will discuss at the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase on January 25. Bethesda and Xbox have been some of the Microsoft subsidiaries hit hardest by the massive layoffs recently, which helped give birth to rumors that 343 Industries will be replaced as the lead developers of Halo Infinite.

Things might get a lot worse for Microsoft before they get better but at least Starfield is getting a release date soon.

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