A redesigned library and noise suppression highlights the Xbox September update

The highly anticipated Xbox UI update is widely considered to be a boon for Game Pass subscribers.

If it wasn't clear that Microsoft is heavily invested in the Game Pass, the latest Xbox update is further proof of this.

If nothing else, the latest Xbox update will give Xbox owners another reason to subscribe to the Game Pass.

The Xbox September update adds several changes to the Xbox console. The main highlight is several improvements to the Xbox user interface. Specifically, Microsoft took feedback from the Xbox community to heart and streamlined the navigation process for your Xbox gaming library. After years of asking for it, Xbox owners will find it simpler to browse through a new and expanded menu selection that will make it easier to download apps and games.

As for the other new features, the September update for the Xbox finally lets owners customize the Xbox button color on their Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. There's a wide selection of LED colors to choose from (think millions), so feel free to experiment and find the right color to match your theme.

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The latest Xbox update also allows users to get a shareable link for media they capture via the Xbox Game Bar on PC. This will make it more convenient to share screenshots on social media and other messaging services such as SMS and WhatsApp. Just a fair warning that anyone who gets the links can access your shared captures if you set it to public.

To get a screenshot while playing, all you have to do is to press the Windows logo key + G on your keyboard. You may also press the Xbox button on your Xbox controller if you have one plugged into your PC. You'll see the copy link at the bottom that lets you upload the capture and provide a shareable link.

The final additions to the Xbox in this update are party chat noise suppression on Xbox One consoles as well as Windows 10/11 PCs and the "Start Party" button in the Xbox app. The former had already made its way to Xbox Series S/X consoles last month. It eliminates unwanted noises like breathing and gamepad clicks, among others. Meanwhile, the latter makes it easier to create parties by letting you select which friends you'd like to invite.

Xbox continues to stack the odds in the Game Pass' favor.

Once again, Microsoft delivers with an exciting lineup of new features for the Xbox. The recent update for the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 comes just after the release of the long-rumored White edition.

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