Red Notice director is doing a live-action Voltron movie

Multiple studios are reportedly bidding against each other to try and land Rawson Marshall Thurber's live-action Voltron movie.

Voltron is a massive multimedia franchise that has spawned animes, cartoon shows, comics, as well as video games, with Netflix recently adding to the laundry list of releases, Voltron: Legendary Defender. However, one thing that this popular series hasn't had is a live-action adaptation, good or not, but it appears that this is all about to change soon.

For some reason, Netflix isn't interested in producing the live-action adaptation of Voltron.
For some reason, Netflix isn't interested in producing the live-action adaptation of Voltron.

With the Transformers franchise on hiatus until at least 2023 and Netflix sitting on another Power Rangers reboot for Zordon knows how long, Red Notice director Rawson Marshall Thurber will fill the void with a live-action Voltron movie. The Hollywood Reporter claims that Thurber will direct the project and co-write alongside Ellen Shanman. THR adds that Thurber pitched this idea to different studios earlier this month and that there's currently a bidding war going on to see who could get the rights to it.

According to the same report, at least six studios and streaming services are competing for the rights to Thurber's live-action Voltron movie, with Universal, Amazon, and Warner Bros. all in the running. What's interesting here is that Netflix isn't part of the equation despite their connection with the IP as well as Thurber, who was part of the streaming platform's most-watched movie and will return to direct two Red Notice sequels.

Red Notice Director Is Doing A Live-action Voltron Movie
The premise of watching a movie effectively be a mix of Power Rangers and Transformers in Space could work if done right.

Speaking of the back-to-back Red Notice sequels, with Thurber expected to direct both big-budget projects, the live-action debut of the giant Super Robot will likely have to wait until he's finished doing both.

At the moment, there's a lot of uncertainty surrounding how the project will take shape and whether it will release on streaming platforms exclusively or make its debut in theaters first, or even go for a hybrid release. Regardless of what happens, we can guarantee that the live-action Voltron movie isn't going to run short on theatrics, budget, and action set pieces that, hopefully, will do the source material justice.

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