Red Dead Online Gets 3 New Solo Missions

Though by all means successful, Rockstar Games' Red Dead Online didn't quite make the same waves as the similar but vastly more popular Grand Theft Auto Online did, the lower amount of content and less frequent DLC releases could be to blame - and to remedy that, a surprise update with new solo missions was released today.

Telegram Missions, known better in-game as A New Source of Employment - Rockstar likes longwinded activity names in Red Dead Online, such as A Land of Opportunities - are now available, and include three new missions with three difficulty settings each. The difficulty can be increased after successfully completing the mission.

We're introduced to a new, shady character simply called J. Communicating only via telegram - hence the name - J is our contact for these less than legal activities, and is also promising more missions to come later on. Right now, the following three are available:

A One Horse Deal

Enemies behind, enemies under

If you've played the single player story mode of Red Dead Redemption 2, the following might sound familiar - you have to steal a horse from the Braithwaites. Well, okay, that isn't entirely fair - you have to steal a horse that's on its way to the Braithwaites. The prized White Arabian racing steed is very recognizable and very rowdy, so once you stole it, you're going to have to deal with its temperament as well as the lawmen trying to shoot you off its back.

Rich Pickings

Planning montage not included

Alternately known as Ocean's One, this solo heist involves a very corrupt mayor, some confiscated smuggled contraband and a big, heavily guarded mansion. Your task is to sneak into the large estate of the mayor of Saint Denis, avoid the guards, locate where the contraband jewelry is stashed and evacuate the goods. Sure, you're technically committing burglary, but the guy you're stealing from is a jerk so it's all good.

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Ride or die

Things get reversed a bit in Outrider, because this time it's your enemies who are doing the stealing - or at least trying to. Someone is trying to deliver mysterious goods in a wagon, and J wants that delivery to go smoothly. It's your job to discourage the bandits who want to roughen things up, and if the wagon's driver bites the dust you'll need to navigate to the destination yourself.

Check your nearest post office for the telegrams detailing these missions, and keep an eye out for more later on - hopefully we don't need to wait long, because three solo missions aren't enough to solve the game's content drought.

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