Red Dead Online: Blood Money gets trailer, new seasonal content revealed

Blood Money is bringing heists and seasonal content to Red Dead Online next week.

As teased yesterday, Red Dead Online is getting a brand new DLC update next week, bringing in daring heists and a new organized crime element to the multiplayer cowboy lasso-em-up courtesy of Rockstar Games. Alongside the wild west flavored heists, the Quick Draw Club is also shaking up how seasonal content can be earned in-game, putting players on a tighter schedule.

Considering complex, cooperative robberies are part of what made GTA Online the timeless titan of the multiplayer gaming scene, these pseudo-heists arriving to Red Dead Online should be plenty to get everyone pumped for the July 13 release of Blood Money.

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The new activities will task you with recovering Capitale bonds for a mafia underboss operating out of Saint Denis. The more Capitale you recover, the more you'll gain his trust, to the point of being clued into his schemes of undermining a troublesome local senator - and being suitably rewarded for your work.

Players will be able to gather Capitale by taking part in the awfully broadly named Crimes, which range from easy solo missions to daring cooperative robberies. The Opportunities missions you unlock by gathering Capitale tell a consecutive story with the plot advancing as you unlock more and more such missions - Blood Money will ship with the first 3, and more are going to be added later on.

Not only does Blood Money give you a chance to earn yourself silly with all sorts of crime, unlike Roles there won't be any initial investment. As long as you have a good gun and flexible morals, you're in on the fun.

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What does have an initial investment, however, is the Quick Draw Club. Replacing the long winded Outlaw Pass seasons, the Quick Draw Club will instead consist of multiple passes with their own reward tracks lasting about a month each. You'll need to drop 25 Gold Bars to buy in, but completing the reward track in time will let you earn it all back with extra exclusive rewards as a bonus.

Shorter, snappier seasons will put players on the clock.

With the Outlaw Pass system being phased out, a bunch of items exclusive to it are going to be added to the permanent stock of in-game stores. Blood Money will also feature the debut of NVIDIA DLSS on PC for players packing an RTX GPU.

Red Dead Online: Blood Money launches on the 13th of July worldwide.

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