A quick recap on The Boys' "Seven on 7" episode 4

Just like clockwork, Amazon Prime Video dropped a new Seven on 7 episode, featuring more of The Deep and Stormfront this time around.

Amazon Prime Video's superhero TV series The Boys, based on a comic series of the same name, has become one of the most-watched shows on any streaming channel since it debuted last 2019. After the first season went viral for its shock value and adult content, the follow-up raised the bar even higher. Thus, the hype for the upcoming third season cannot be overstated.

Recap Fourth Seven On Episode
For those who are wondering, Stormfront is still alive following the Season 2 finale.

In the meantime, Amazon Prime Video has kept fans in the loop by releasing a series of promotional videos, Seven on 7 with Cameron Coleman. This meta-esque monthly TV series is designed to help close the gap between seasons 2 and 3, whenever the latter premieres.

So far, we've seen the introduction of Moonshadow and the arrival of Starlight's former lover, as well as that A-train music video. For the latest episode, the faux-news TV show featured an update on The Deep, Hughie, as well as Starlight, but mostly revolved around Stormfront and her loyalists.

The latest promo for The Boys teases a more controversial Season 3

Recap Fourth Seven On Episode
It is unknown if Stormfront is going to return in the third season of The Boys.

Aya Cash came on board in Season 2 of The Boys as Stormfront. We later find out that she's one of the original Supes and has direct ties with the Nazis (yes, those Nazis). However, the Season 2 finale shows Stormfront dying. This has not sat well with Stormfront's supporters.

The latest Seven on 7 episode shows how the dead Supe's supporters have banded together to try and force Vought to publicly reveal the circumstances behind her sudden disappearance.

In addition to showing us an update on how Stormfront continues to live on in her followers, the latest Seven on 7 episode also showed audiences a glimpse of Starlight's growing popularity and what The Deep has been up to lately. The disgraced member of The Seven was there to welcome the latest attraction to Oceanland after the first one died in a tragic car crash early on in the series.

Speaking of Starlight, the conflicted member of The Seven is going to go through a wardrobe change for the upcoming season. She'll be reverting to her less sexualized costume from the past. Meanwhile, Cindy appears to be returning with Black Noir hot on her heels. We also saw Hughie and Victoria Neuman taking down Ezekiel, with a new hero in Livewire being introduced as well.

Recap Fourth Seven On Episode
For some reason, Starlight is going back to her older, more conservative costume in Season 3 of The Boys.

We still don't have any idea when Season 3 of The Boys will premiere. Many believed that the upcoming season will premiere later this year. Unfortunately, after filming ended in early September following an earlier update from Eric Kripke, we don't think that this is going to happen. Most likely, the new season of The Boys will drop sometime in early 2022. Of course, we'd love to be proven wrong

If it's any consolation, we're going to be seeing a lot of The Boys' universe in the future. In addition to an expected fourth season, a spinoff series featuring younger Supes going to college is currently in the works.

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