Rebirth Island Reinforced Keycard Easter Egg Guide (All Keycard Locations & Rewards)

Rebirth Island received a new update on March 23, 2022 and now features a brand new easter egg. If you've completed the original Rebirth Island easter egg, we assume you'll be excited to complete the new one!

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Unfortunately, you cannot do the old easter egg anymore. However, there is good news for the newer players who couldn't complete the old one. New or the returning players who couldn't complete the original easter egg and obtain the infamous "Red Room" Milano 821 blueprint can now get it without any issues.

The locked bunker that was originally the main focus of the old easter egg is now permanently open and still contains the blueprint. All you need to do is jump into a Rebirth game and make your way to the bunker. You will find the Milano 821 on the table inside the bunker.

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Rebirth Island Reinforced Overview

Rebirth Island Reinforced introduces new points of interest (POI) and a new easter egg that revolves around three different keycards, each rewarding you with different in-game items useful for early setups or late-game clutches.

There are three different keycards, each opening a locked safe containing high-tier loot. The three keycards are called Vikhor's Keycard, The Perseus Keycard, and The Forgotten Keycard. These keycards can be obtained from three different locations—more on the locations below.

The location with all the deposits is the same, but the keycards are in different locations.

The Stronghold

The safe room containing all three deposit boxes is in the new POI called The Stronghold.

There is a building with a massive antenna that has a safe room.

The room is on the ground floor.

You will find three main locked deposit boxes inside the room. The boxes from left to right are the Perseus Keycard, Vikhor's Keycard, and The Forgotten Keycard.

Keycard Locations

You can find the keycards in three different locations, one being a familiar location. Here are the locations and the respective rewards for opening each locked deposit box.

Vikhor’s Keycard

Vikhor's Keycard is probably the easiest to get to, but it might be challenging to reach the Stronghold with the keycard due to this location being a hot drop zone. The keycard is inside the same bunker, unlocked as part of the original Rebirth Island easter egg.

The bunker is still at the Headquarters building, but you will notice it is open this time. You can get to the bunker quickly by landing at the orange custom marker shown on the map above. There is a window you can mantle through to find the bunker entrance to your right.

You can head inside the bunker and find the keycard on the table to your left.

If you haven't already obtained the "Red Room' Milano 821 blueprint, you can also get it.

You can use this keycard to unlock the middle deposit box to get a free Loadout Drop Marker and $8,000. This is very handy if you're looking to get set up early in the game.

Although it is not confirmed, reports suggest that the Vikhor Keycard despawns 2 minutes after the match begins.

Perseus Keycard

The Perseus Keycard is inside the building by the Nova 6 factory. The building is directly below the "Red Room" bunker building.

The keycard is on the shelf inside the office area of the building. It is hard to miss as it always glows in orange color.

Use the keycard on the deposit box to the very left to get an Advanced UAV and $10,000.

The Forgotten Keycard

The Forgotten Keycard is the toughest to redeem. The keycard is on the complete opposite side of the map from the Stronghold. The keycard is inside the Biochemicals Lab, which is also considered a hot landing zone for players regardless of the easter egg.

Sometimes, due to distance, it isn't easy to reach the Stronghold in time as the gas engulfs the area. And, of course, don't forget the constant barrage of other players trying to either loot or bring you down.

You need to go to the showers area of the building in the basement. You can easily get there by using the backdoor of the building. It is the orange custom marker you see on the map image above. Go through the door, and you will find stairs to go down to the basement shower area.

You need to activate a specific shower in here to get the keycard. When you get close to the shower, you will get a prompt to "Turn On Shower."

Some cash will drop when you do that, followed by the Forgotten Keycard.

Use the keycard on the deposit box to the far right, and you will be rewarded with a Specialist Bonus, a Loadout Drop Marker, and a Munitions Box. While this is the hardest keycard to redeem, it also contains some of the best, high-tier loot.

The Calling Card

If you manage to complete all three keycards, you get a unique calling card called Unholy Advantage as a reward. You do not have to complete all three cards in a single game. It can be done in different games. You should get the calling card as long as you've completed all three.

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