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Rebirth From The Ashes is an easter egg that you can solve during the 'Nuke Event' in Warzone. During the event, players were given a playlist that included the night version of Rebirth Island. The island offered some new easter eggs to solve, including the one called 'Rebirth From The Ashes.'

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This easter egg is completed using both in-game sources and external sources that Treyarch provides. The external sources include a website that continues the Alternate Reality Game (ARG) aspect of the Call of Duty easter eggs (similar to Pawn Takes Pawn) and Treyarch's Twitter too.

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The Website

First, you get the website. The website is easily found using the points of interest (POIs) names on the night version of Rebirth Island. When you jump into the night version of the Rebirth Island, you will notice that some letters in the POI names are highlighted in red with Russian letters.

After putting the red letters together, you get a sentence that reads 'Rebirth From The Ashes.' In Russian, it is pronounced as 'Vozrozhdeniye iz Pepla.'

Rebirth From The Ashes is, in fact, a website that involves the ARG aspect of this easter egg. When you first visit the site, it will load up with an 'incoming message' button in the middle of the screen.

Clicking on the button pops up another window with a small 'play' button at the top right corner of the pop-up. This will play a voice message from an unknown person.

The voice message mentions the "codes from the radio towers." The voice is referring to the radio towers located at the major POIs of Rebirth Island. Once the audio message finishes playing, you will get an empty textbox where you can type certain things to progress into this easter egg.

You are required to complete four objectives. These objectives are completed by typing in certain keywords that you must get with the help of these radio towers in-game.

In addition to the codes from the radio towers, you also get a set of numbers from the website by clicking on the animated missile on the webpage.

This set of numbers also have some words next to them that represent the abbreviations. Each abbreviation refers to a location on the Rebirth Island (Night Version). For example, CC is Control Center (New POI), N6 is Nova 6 Factory, CB is Cell Block, HQ is Headquarters, and SA is Security Area.

The codes from the website are as follows:

  • CC: 3892 8301 6929 0185
  • N6: 1044 9807 1140 2082
  • CB: 6395 1891 6622 4402
  • HQ: 5361 7632 1665 7513
  • SA: 5276 2059 0108 6593

Each of these locations has a radio tower that you can go to, and it will play a voice message with another set of numbers that you must copy down.

Radio Towers

Each mentioned location has a radio tower either directly at the location or nearby. You must walk around the radio towers for the message to play. The message plays randomly, your screen will glitch out, and the message starts to play with a set of numbers.

Multiple radio messages can play in a single game. The only limitation is the gas. If the location is of out of the zone, then, of course, you won't be able to go to the radio tower. We highly recommend turning on the subtitles for this step.

Control Center (CC)

The first radio tower is found on top of the new POI building called Control Center.

When you are near the tower and don't get the voice message to play, run away from the tower and run back towards it, and it should play after a couple of tries. As mentioned before, the audio messages play randomly. Your screen will glitch, and a voice message will play with a bunch of numbers. These numbers are fixed for everyone.

The radio tower number for CC is 3912 9502 8349 1004.

Nova 6 Factory (N6)

The second radio tower is located on top of the Nova 6 Factory building.

The radio tower number for N6 is 2546 1016 3349 3596.

Cell Block (CB)

The third radio tower is found on top of the Prison Block building.

The radio tower number for CB is 7996 3692 7834 4526.

Headquarters (HQ)

The fourth radio tower is located on top of Headquarters.

The radio tower number for HQ is 6962 9433 2074 8226.

Security Area (SA)

The last radio tower is located near the western end of the map at the Security Area.

The radio tower number for SA is 5997 2177 0517 6607.

The following is a complete list of set of numbers for all the locations from the radio towers:

  • CC: 3912 9502 8349 1004
  • N6: 2546 1016 3349 3596
  • CB: 7996 3692 7834 4526
  • HQ: 6962 9433 2074 8226
  • SA: 5997 2177 0517 6607

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