This real-life Far Cry 6 watch will cost you an arm and a leg

The Khaki Field Titanium FC6 Limited Edition watch is part of the collaboration between Ubisoft and Hamilton.

After several delays, Far Cry 6 is almost here. It's only a matter of time before the latest installment in Ubisoft's popular open-world action-adventure franchise becomes available. However, it appears that fans can get themselves more than just the game itself on October 7.  No, we're not just talking about a limited edition version of the game. Rather, we're talking about a real-life Far Cry 6 watch that costs multiple PS5 consoles.

The very same watch that you're looking at can easily set you back both a PS5 and Xbox Series X console with change to spare.

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Why does the Far Cry 6 watch cost so much?

You too can have a watch that looks this good in real life, so long as you're willing to pay for it.

Back in late May, Ubisoft confirmed the final release date of Far Cry 6. In addition, Ubisoft announced that the game had gone gold a few weeks ago. This guarantees that Far Cry 6 is ready to ship and good to go.

With that said, a Far Cry 6 watch will also be available on the same day and it's going to cost you as much as gold jewelry.

Just to spoil the game a tiny bit, the Khaki Field Titanium watch is an in-game item in Far Cry 6. Players will receive the watch as a gift for helping out a certain Juan Cortez.  Wearing the timepiece will give players certain perks like reduced damage. As it turns out, there's a real-life version of the same watch. No, it won't come with the same benefits as the one in Far Cry 6, but it will cost you.

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As part of a collaboration between Hamilton and Ubisoft, the luxury watch designers created the Khaki Field Titanium Far Cry 6 Limited Edition watch, which costs $1,200. In honor of the story behind Cortez's watch in Far Cry 6, Hamilton will only manufacture 1,983 pieces of it. It's equipped with a 42mm titanium case and a black face dial with an H-13 three-hand movement as well as an 80-hour power reserve.

If the watch is a little too expensive for you, that's okay. Most probably feel that way. Although it doesn't cost as much as the sealed Super Mario 64 game that sold for $1.5 million at an auction, the watch is probably the most expensive video game merchandise at retail price. Plus, with less than 2,000 of these watches available, it could soon become a sought-after collector's item.

So, if you've got the money for it and you're a huge Far Cry fan, we don't see any reason why you shouldn't invest your money in the Khaki Field Titanium FC6 Limited Edition watch.

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