How to do the Raw Meat Glitch in Genshin Impact

Raw Meat is a material in Genshin Impact that is used for cooking meals. Meals can boost your character's stats or provide HP when your character has low health. To get raw meat, you need to kill creatures like foxes and boars. Most players gain raw meat by going into expeditions and hunting for boars. However, a content creator on youtube named taka gg discovered a bug that will give you tons of meat in just a few hours.

Call your friends over, though! You need them for this glitch. Below are some of the requirements you need to get at least 4000 Raw meat in just one hour.


You need the subquest "Chase the Boars Away" to activate the meat glitch.
  1. Raise your rank to Adventurer Rank 40. We know it's a high rank but we need it for the necessary questline.
  2. Invite your friends and form a party of two or four.
  3. As a host, you need to complete Ganyu's story quest and Fishing the Jade.
  4. Continue the questline until you reach the subquest "Chase the boars away."
  5. Make sure the weather is not rainy or else the glitch would not work. You can use your in-game clock to move to the next day to change the weather.
  6. If you have a long-range character, you can use them to burst the boars quickly.

Steps to Activate the Meat Glitch as a Host

Stay in this quest location and wait for your friends to join.
  1. Teleport to the South waypoint of Qingce Village. There are three quest locations and you should never go to the third location or your quest will end.
  2. Stay in the location indicated on the map and change your co-op setting to "Allow Direct Join". Send your UID to your friends so they can join your world.
  3. Whenever one of your friends joins your world, the dead boars will respawn and you can kill them again.
  4. Once your party is full and you killed all the boars, change the co-op setting and return to single-player mode.
  5. Let your friends rejoin again and do it as many times as you like.

Steps to Activate the Meat Glitch as a Non-Host

Join your friend's world and wait for everyone before defeating the boars.
  1. Join your friend's world using the "Request to Join" option.
  2. Wait until all of your friends joined the world. If you kill the boars before your other friends join, they will not get the raw meat.
  3. Once the party is full, begin to kill the boars using your archers. Ganyu is a great character for this glitch.
  4. You can eliminate all the boars on the three areas but your host cannot go to the third area or else their quest would be complete.
  5. After eliminating the boars, your host will return to the single-player mode.
  6. You can request to join their world once again and redo the raw meat glitch as many times as you would like.
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Doing these steps for an hour will result in a thousand raw meats per player. Your team can get a total of 4,000 raw slices of meat per hour by doing this glitch.

Meat Recipes

Raw Meat is an essential ingredient in multiple recipes.

Now that you have a lot of raw meat in your inventory, what do you do with it? Raw meat is essential in multiple recipes. Below are some of the recipes you can do with your raw meat ingredient:

Come and Get it

Come and Get It increases the CRIT rate of your party members.


  • 3 Raw Meat
  • 3 Fish
  • 3 Rice
  • 1 Tofu

Effect: Increase the CRIT rate of every party member by 10-20% for 300 seconds.

Tianshu Meat

Tianshu Meat effect information.


  • 4 Raw Meat
  • 2 Sugar
  • 1 Qingxin
  • 1 Matsutake

Effect: Increase Physical DMG by 25-45% and Crit Rate by 6-10% for 300 seconds. This buff applies to all members of your party.

Bamboo Shoot Soup

Bamboo Shoot Soup regenerates your character's health.


  • 2 Raw Meat
  • 2 Ham
  • 1 Bamboo Shoot

Effect: Your selected character will heal 26-30% of their maximum HP and will regenerate 450 to 790 HP every five seconds for thirty seconds.

Other Farming Locations

Doing the meat glitch will give you 1000 Raw Meat per hour.

Suppose you cannot find someone who hasn't finished Ganyu's questline, there are other ways you can farm raw meat for your cooking needs.

Defeat Mammals all over the map

Defeating Squirrels will also give you Raw Meat.

You can get Raw meat from boars all over the map. However, Raw meat also drops from defeating Squirrels. The only problem is that these animals will run away if you chase after them. A tip for defeating mammals is to use an archer that can deal a lot of damage and instantly defeat the mammal.

Vendor Draff

You can buy Raw Meat from an NPC vendor called Draff.

If you do not want to defeat mammals all over the map, you can also buy Raw meat from a Vendor called Draff. You can find this vendor in Springvale, Mondstadt. This vendor is actually Diona's father and he will sell Raw Meat, Fowl, and Birds Egg every day from 6 am to 7 pm. His items will restock every day. This NPC will also give you Xiangling's story quest called Mondstadt Gastronomy Trip.


Ganyu admiring the Sweet Flowers in her character trailer.

You can get a thousand pieces of raw meat per hour if you do the Meat Glitch in the subquest "Chase the boars away". Every time your friends enter your world, the dead boars will revive and you can continue defeating them for raw meat. After your friends defeat the remaining boars, go back to single player and let them rejoin again.

You can do this step as many times as you like as long as your host does not go to the third quest location. Raw meat can be used in multiple recipes that buff and heals your characters. Aside from the meat glitch, you can also defeat squirrels and buy Raw Meat from the Vendor Draff in Springvale.

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