The rarest Yu-Gi-Oh card ever is finally going on auction

The one-of-a-kind card was created specifically by Kazuki Takahash for one "dying" person will be auctioned off after 18 years.

Please correct us if we're wrong, but Yu-Gi-Oh! and Dragon Ball never had an official crossover. Sure, both Yami Yugi and Yugi sported very Akira Toriyama-like hairstyles, but Goku and the other Z-fighters never appeared in any Yu-Gi-Oh! anime and vice versa. Except, there was that one time that the late Kazuki Takahashi designed a unique card based on a popular Dragon Ball Z character.

It's believed that the most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! card ever sold is the Tournament Black Luster Soldier for million.

Tyler the Great Warrior is the rarest Yu-Gi-Oh! card in the world and it's finally going on auction next month.

Alex Cimo, a Trading Card Game content creator, recently got a chance to Tyler Gressle, the namesake of the card.

What makes Gressle so special that Takahashi made a card only for him? According to the interview with Cimo, he received the card as part of his wish with the Make-A-Wish foundation. Gressle explains that he'd suffered from a rare liver cancer in 2005 and joked about asking for a "Porsche" but wasn't old enough. So, instead, he got the next best thing. Gressle got a chance to meet the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh! and the voice cast for the popular anime show based on the TCG.

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Gressle revealed that Takahashi had based the design of Tyler the Great Warrior on Future Trunks from Dragon Ball Z, his favorite character.

The custom Yu-Gi-Oh! card has sat in storage since, enclosed in a glass case, never touched until it was taken out for grading recently.

Cimo's representatives revealed to Kotaku that they have zero clue how much it could sell for, saying that it's in "uncharted territory" because "there has never been a 1/1 Yu-Gi-Oh! card publicly sold."

Selling trading cards and sports cards is a lucrative business that has only become more popular in recent years.

Based on its rarity and near-mint condition, Tyler the Great Warrior could end up breaking past previous sales records. We are easily looking at a multi-million dollar card here, especially after the unfortunate drowning of Takahashi last year.

Tyler the Great Warrior, which is the only one that exists and has ever existed, is also signed by Takahashi, which could make its value skyrocket. Not to mention, it has an awesome story behind it.

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