Ranking the Marvel's Avengers Heroes from Weakest to Most Powerful

Crystal Dynamics' Marvel's Avengers game features some of Earth's mightiest heroes. Unfortunately, not all the playable superheroes in the game are equal in might.

Marvel's Avengers cast of superheroes are all powerful in their own right, but some are just mightier than others.

Join us below as we rank Marvel's Avengers heroes from the weakest to the most powerful.

Black Widow

As much of a badass as Black Widow is in 1v1 combat, most combat situations in Marvel's Avengers revolve around taking on mobs of enemies.

Being that she's the only one of the bunch that doesn't have actual superpowers, it seems fitting that Black Widow feels the weakest among Marvel's Avengers cast of characters. This doesn't necessarily mean that she's worthless. In fact, she has a lot of value. This is especially evident when fighting against enemies one-on-one like bosses. Her agility and grappling prowess allow her to take down all sorts of enemies quickly.

Unfortunately, most of the time, Marvel's Avengers has you fighting against groups of enemies and she relies too much on her Ultimate to survive in such situations, which isn't even all that powerful, to begin with.

Iron Man

The way that Iron Man is designed in Marvel's Avengers makes him best played as a flying turret who takes enemies out from afar.

In terms of endgame gameplay, Iron Man deserves a higher rank on our list. Unfortunately, nearly everybody in Marvel's Avengers feels overpowered when equipped with the right kind of gear. Not to mention, Iron Man is difficult to learn let alone master. Plus, his AI feels like the worst amongst all the superheroes in Marvel's Avengers.

While we do agree that it's great fun to get a chance to fly around the war zone as the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist superhero, the character just feels awkward to play compared to the rest of the cast.

Captain America

If Iron Man feels too much like a glass cannon in Marvel's Avengers, Captain America feels like the exact opposite with a defense-oriented play style.

The first Avenger is ironically the last you unlock of the main cast in Marvel's Avengers and he's not exactly worth it. Captain America's gameplay emphasizes too much on defense to the point that he becomes essentially useless if you don't take the time to master his shield mechanics. But, make no mistake. Captain America does have his uses. He's especially effective when played in a supportive role.

Unfortunately, it makes Captain America's fit a bit awkward. He is a brawler by nature and he's not exactly the most maneuverable.


For all the game's flaws, one thing that Marvel's Avengers nails perfectly is the feeling of having Hulk smashing things.

Hulk is either the most powerful or the weakest superhero in Marvel's Avengers. It all depends on how well you play him. In terms of power, it's hard to deny the wanton destruction that he's capable of, even in the hands of the worst players. He can shred through enemy waves as if they're nothing, especially with the right kind of gear. Unfortunately, he's an easy target and lacks a proper way of dealing damage against ranged enemies.

TLDR; if you prefer to get into the thick of things while the rest of your team handles everyone else, Hulk is your guy.


One of the biggest reasons why Marvel's Avengers Thor feels so powerful is because he is also one of the easiest superheroes to learn how to play.

In the Marvel universe, Thor is the God of Thunder. We only say that because playing Thor to his fullest potential requires you to challenge your, well, inner Thor. You need the same unabashed borderline cocky confidence that a deity befitting his stature on the battlefield as you kick the shit out of everything and every one as if you were actually Thor when he first arrived in Wakanda near the end of 2018's Infinity War movie.

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Just be careful about jumping into the middle of things when playing Throw. It's far too tempting to start spamming God Blast only to find yourself overwhelmed and get your ass handed to you.

Ms. Marvel

Given that the game's story revolves mostly around her, it feels just right that Kamala is one of the most powerful superheroes in Marvel's Avengers.

At launch, Kamala, otherwise known as Ms. Marvel, was the most powerful character in Marvel's Avengers and, rightfully so. The game is essentially her story, after all. It really feels as if Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix made sure that her powers are a perfect fit with the game's narrative and the other way around.

Whether you want to play her as a brawler or in a supporting role, Ms. Marvel stays true to her polymorphic abilities as she is essentially a swiss knife.

Clint Barton

Even though Clint Barton is technically powerless, Marvel's Avengers take on the archer makes him one of the most powerful in the game.

Fans worried about which Clint Barton they're getting in Marvel's Avengers found all their worries eased when Operation: Future Imperfect arrived in March.

The ideal combination of both his Hawkeye and Ronin persona, Marvel's Avengers Clint Barton is just as deadly from afar with his bow and arrows as he is in melee range with his Japanese sword. Plus, we can't deny that his grapple arrow feels and looks like the most awesome way to move around in-game.

At this point, it's just a bonus that Clint Barton's storyline is arguably the best yet as it takes place in an alternate future where the Kree and nuclear wear has left planet Earth in a worse place with a maniacally strong but smart version of the Hulk named Maestro effectively ruling the entire world.

Kate Bishop

Tricky as she may be, Kate Bishop's abilities and kit in Marvel's Avengers make him the deadliest of the 8 playable superheroes so far.

Clint Barton's protégé was the first post-launch hero for Marvel's Avengers and she did not disappoint in any way.

Trained in the ways of the bow by Clint himself, Kate deals a lot of damage from afar. However, while she has similar abilities to his mentor, Kate separates herself with her own distinct gear and movesets. This includes the ability to use explosive arrows, scattershot arrows, razor arrows, as well as smokescreen arrows, and even warp arrows to teleport around the battlefield and confuse the enemy, among other things.

What makes Kate arguably the best and most powerful hero in Marvel's Avengers though is that she feels the most rewarding to learn how to play.

Are There More Marvel's Avengers Superheroes Coming?

So far, the cast of Marvel's Avengers feels minuscule compared to how expansive it potentially could be. As of the Operation: Future Imperfect update, Marvel's Avengers only has 8 playable characters.

Thankfully, more superheroes are set to arrive soon.

First up is the indefinitely delayed PlayStation-exclusive playable character, Spider-Man. One more superhero who is also set to arrive later this 2021 is Prince T'Chanalla set to join along with the War for Wakanda expansion for Marvel's Avengers, as revealed by Square Enix in their latest showcase.

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