Rainbow Six Mobile is coming to smartphones near you

Unfortunately, Ubisoft did not confirm when the mobile version of Rainbow Six Siege will be released.

Ubisoft is officially joining Electronic Arts, Epic Games, and Activision in bringing its marquee shooters to mobile devices.

Rainbow Six Mobile has got to be one of the more pleasant surprises from Ubisoft in recent memory.

According to the official announcement, Rainbow Six Mobile will bring the core gameplay of 2015's Rainbow Six Siege to mobile devices, including everything from the destructible environments and all the thingamajigs that players get to use to push ahead into the defending team and vice versa.

However, Rainbow Six Mobile is not a 1:1 adaptation of Rainbow Six Siege, as Ubisoft had to make compromises. For example, matches in R6 Mobile are shorter, from first-to-four to best-of-three-rounds, with Ubisoft adjusting the HUD for better compatibility on mobile devices.

It also appears that Ubisoft is limiting the number of maps and operators available in Rainbow Six Mobile at launch. In particular, the only confirmed maps so far are Bank and Border while Ubisoft did not specify exactly which of "the most popular Rainbow Six operators" are coming initially.

As per R6 Mobile's key art, players can at least choose from 10 different operators. What's not clear is if Ubisoft will bring all 10 to the game right out of the gate or later on. The operators will also carry over their classic Siege loadouts such as their primary and secondary weapons, unique gadgets, and equipment. But, from the looks of it, most operators will sport new attires for Rainbow Six Mobile.

Rainbow Six fans will also be happy to know that Ubisoft is retaining all the classic modes from Siege like Secure Area and Bomb along with "several game modes" at launch.

Hopefully, Ubisoft adds unique game modes to Rainbow Six Mobile that are tailor-fitted for the shorter rounds of the mobile game.

Judging from what we've seen so far, fans are happy to hear about Rainbow Six Mobile. Unfortunately, some couldn't help but express their disappointment that Ubisoft did not reveal a release date. For now, interested players can register to play Rainbow Six Mobile.

As we might have already mentioned, Rainbow Six Mobile is not the only popular shooter headed to small and portable screens. In addition to Ubisoft's team-based tactical shooter, Activision also confirmed that Call of Duty: Warzone is getting a mobile version with EA and Respawn Entertainment already having released Apex Legends Mobile following a quick test run last year.

Speaking of Ubisoft, a report from Tom Henderson in March claims that the publisher is planning to hold a massive showcase right before the now-canceled E3 2022.

We know it's probably going to happen, but we also want Ubisoft to stop itself from adding NFTs to Rainbow Six Mobile.
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