Updated blog post accidentally reveals Rainbow Six Extraction release date

Rainbow Six Extraction's release date might have just been leaked by Ubisoft.

Ubisoft has not officially announced the release date for Rainbow Six Extraction - yet. However, it appears that the studio wants to keep the spin-off's release date on the down-low despite eagle-eyed observers spotting several updates on the Ubisoft website.

For some reason, Ubisoft didn't just go ahead and formally announce Extraction's official release date.

Rainbow Six Extraction is coming in January 2022

Extraction is finally going to release, many years after it was first revealed.

A blog post on the game's official website dated June 2021, which was when Ubisoft first delayed Rainbow Six Extraction to 2022, has just been updated. The link to the said post now states that the game is going to release on January 20, 2022.

Furthermore, several other sources spotted an even earlier update on the aforementioned Ubisoft blog post. This particular update changed the title and body to specifically state Rainbow Six Extraction's release date.

Having said that, it appears that it's only a matter of time before Ubisoft confirms the release date for Rainbow Six Extraction.

Rainbow Six Extraction is just one of several shooters that Ubisoft is currently working on.

It's been a long road for Ubisoft's upcoming squad-based shooter to get here. Rainbow Six Extraction was formerly named Rainbow Six Parasite. The game was formally unveiled at E3 2021 to much fan hype.

The core gameplay is based on a time-limited game mode, Outbreak, that was released for Rainbow Six Siege back in 2018. However, unlike Outbreak, where players fought against hostile aliens in Mexico, Extraction appears to be set in more populated cities.

In Extraction, players will team up in groups of up to three with up to twelve maps available at launch. Meanwhile, Siege owners will be able to unlock all 18 operators in the game upon purchasing Extraction. All versions will also come with cross-play and cross-save capability.

In other Ubisoft news, the studio is currently working on several free-to-play shooters. Earlier this year, Ubisoft revealed Heartland, a spin-off of Division. Another Tom Clancy game, XDefiant, was also unveiled earlier this year with Ghost Recon Frontline in development. However, the resulting backlash from the latter's announcement might have forced Ubisoft to reconsider its upcoming slate of games.

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