Rainbow Six Extraction delayed by Ubisoft to 2022

The stand-alone spin-off title will release in 2022 instead.

Delays are never a good thing, they mean having to hold our pent-up excitement for a while longer. However, delays are also not always a bad thing. For one, it's refreshing when studios admit that they need more time to work on a game. This means that we are becoming less toxic as a gaming community.

Rainbow Six Extraction is not going to release this year.

As more studios announce that they don't want to rush unfinished games out of the proverbial gates only to rely on day-one patches to fix and make them playable, we can start to expect more games to be delayed from their original release dates.

As unfortunate as it may seem, Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Extraction just joined that list.

Why was Rainbow Six Extraction delayed?

Rainbow Six Extraction was originally titled Rainbow Six Quarantine.

After gameplay footage leaks and technical test rumors, at E3 2021 Ubisoft finally confirmed that their upcoming squad-based shooter will be titled Rainbow Six Extraction and will release in 2021.

A month later, Ubisoft has gone out to confirm that this is no longer the case.

In an official statement, the development team behind Rainbow Six Extraction confirmed that the game is not going to release on its original date. The studio announced that it wants to make sure that it has all the unique features of the game working as intended. Because of this, Ubisoft chose to delay it so that they can deliver a satisfactory product for the fans who are eager to jump into the game.

When is the Rainbow Six Extraction release date?

Out of all the big video game companies, Ubisoft seems to be the most affected by delays.

This is the second time that the release of Rainbow Six Extraction has been pushed back, following an earlier delay due to COVID 19.

The good news here is that Ubisoft is confident that it can release Rainbow Six Extraction by January 2022. Even though it is not an exact release date, a release window is still a good sign.

Speaking of delays, Ubisoft also announced that another one of its big games will be delayed for the second time as well. After being delayed indefinitely back in January 2021, Riders Republic was supposed to release on September 2, 2021. Instead, its release date has been pushed back to October 28, 2021.

The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely taken its toll on the video game industry. Rainbow Six Extraction and Riders Republic are hardly the first games to be delayed just this year alone.

We've rounded up a list of all the games delayed in 2021 so far to make it easier for you to keep track of the game affected and when they will become available.

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