R9-0 Shotgun - OP Loadout for Warzone

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Below is our recommended R9-0 Shotgun loadout for Warzone. Other weapon loadout guides can be found here.

The majority of the players run an SMG as a secondary when using their overkill class to tackle Close Quarter Combat (CQC) situations - having either an MP7 or an MP5 in your back pocket with a Sniper Rifle or an AR as your primary has always been the meta of the game.

That is, until recently. Now the meta secondary has switched in favour of a shotgun. And not just any shotgun, but the R9-0 Shotgun all thanks to the new Dragon's Breath Rounds added to it.

Adding the Dragon's Breath Round on the R9-0 Shotgun turns it into an OP weapon that can two-shot kill an enemy at close range. This might not have a range and fire rate of a regular SMG, but it is still a viable weapon for CQCs, especially when inside the buildings.

In this loadout guide, we show you the best R9-0 Shotgun setup for Warzone. This setup focuses on decreasing the pellet spread, maximize the range, and increasing hip-fire accuracy so that you won't have to ADS with this thing.

The only down-side of this gun is a small delay after a single two-shot pump. Other than that, the gun is super satisfying and fun to use.

You need to rank up your R9-0 to at least level 38. We have a full guide on how to upgrade your weapon, battle pass tier, and player fast. You can also check out our guide on all the attachments for every weapon along with their unlock level requirements.

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You must select the Choke as your Muzzle attachment. This not only helps increase the overall damage range of the weapon but also tightens the pellet spread for increased hip-fire accuracy.

The Choke attachment unlocks at level 30.


Select the FORGE TAC Sentry as your Barrel attachment, as our primary goal is to turn this Shotgun into the most accurate Shotgun while maximizing the damage range.

The FORGE TAC Sentry also increases damage range and tightens the pellet spread even more.

The FORGE TAC Sentry unlocks at level 16.


You should select the 5mW Laser as your Laser attachment, for the faster sprint to fire speed and increased hip-fire accuracy. This will make your Shotgun even more accurate at both close and at a slight distance.

The 5mW Laser unlocks at level 23.


This attachment is the bread & butter of this loadout. You must select the Dragon's Breath Rounds as the Ammunition attachment.

These rounds set enemy players on fire, so even if you are not firing at them, they will be dealt incendiary damage for a short period.

It's just a brief time, but you would be surprised how many times we've managed to take out enemy players, all thanks to the incendiary damage.

You can easily unlock the Dragon's Breath Rounds by getting ten kills while sliding with the R9-0 Shotgun.


For the last attachment, it is an entirely personal preference, and you may choose whatever you like. We recommend selecting the Sleight of Hand perk though, as the reloading time of this Shotgun is horrendous.

Even with the Sleight of Hand perk equipped, it takes a long time to reload an empty clip. Having the Sleight of Hand perk will make your gameplay much faster and smoother in terms of flow, especially when encountering multiple enemies.

The Sleight of Hand perk unlocks at level 38.

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