R rating for Evil Dead Rise is good news for Evil Dead fans

The highly anticipated Evil Dead sequel got an R rating for "bloody violence and gore" ahead of its HBO Max release.

Sam Raimi might be busy with his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness premiering on May 6, but one of his most iconic works continues to live on with a fifth Evil Dead film, Evil Dead Rise, set to hit HBO Max later this year. Raimi might no longer be at the head of the latest Evil Dead installment, with his handpicked successor, Lee Cronin, in charge of writing and directing this time around.

Evil Dead Rated R
Evil Dead Rise could pave the way for a second lease in life for Evil Dead on streaming platforms.

Although an exact release date for Evil Dead Rise remains to be seen, fans can rest easy knowing that it should live up to its predecessors after receiving an R rating.

As per ComicBook.com, the Motion Picture Association gave Evil Dead Rise an official R rating for featuring "strong bloody horror violence and gore, and some language." The rating is in line with other Evil Dead releases, with the only exception being the 1981 original film, The Evil Dead, by Sam Raimi, which instead holds an NC-17 rating.

R Rating For Evil Dead Rise Good News
It's a shame that the initial plans for the fifth and sixth Evil Dead films never came to fruition.

With neither Raimi nor Bruce Campbell directly involved in Evil Dead Rise, fans have expressed worry that the film won't be as good. The R rating should help ease such concerns. Not to mention, Raimi is still technically on board, taking up executive producer roles alongside Campbell.

Speaking of, Campbell previously mentioned that Evil Dead Rise will explore new territories for the horror classic, taking the setting far from the cabin and highlighting a family dynamic revolving around sisters, Ellie and Beth, who are portrayed by Alyssa Sutherland and Lily Sullivan, respectively.

According to what we know so far, Evil Dead Rise will bring the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis and the Deadites into the pair's claustrophobic L.A. apartment block, setting up what has the potential to be another modern classic.

Evil Dead Rise comes nearly a decade after Fede Álvarez's successful reboot from 2013. The original plan was for Álvarez to return to helm a sequel with Raimi coming back to write and direct Army of Darkness 2, with a seventh film planned to merge the narratives of Mia Allen and Ash Williams. Unfortunately, these movies never materialized, with Álvarez now moving on to direct a new Alien film with Ridley Scott as the producer.

On the other hand, Campbell is set to reprise his iconic role in Evil Dead: The Game, which was initially pushed back to February before settling with its, hopefully, final release date of May 13.

R Rating For Evil Dead Rise Good News
An HBO Max exclusive release is a risky endeavor that could spell the end for Evil Dead if it doesn't draw in viewers.

Given the recent surge in popularity of classic horror franchises, the odds are that Evil Dead Rise will carve out a sizable niche in its first-ever streaming release.

In other news, Scream 6 already has a release date just months after a successful box office outing earlier this year. The upcoming slasher film is the sixth in the series and will hope to mirror the success of the first sequel. Also, Ghostbusters is getting its first video game in a while, spearheaded by none other than the 4v1 specialists, Illfonic.

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