Quentin Tarantino might end his directing career with Kill Bill 3

Quentin Tarantino's surprisingly tantalizing response to the possibility of Kill Bill 3 as his final film is making rounds right now.

The world-famous auteur, Quentin Tarantino, has directed nine films so far in his illustrious career as a director. He intends to bow out after his tenth film, which is why the Oscar-winning director's next project has been subject to much speculation. However, it appears that Tarantino already has his eyes on Kill Bill: Vol. 3.

Collectively, the two volumes of Kill Bill pulled in more than 0 million at the international box office.

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Is Tarantino only going to do three films?

Fans have been asking Tarantino to make a third Kill Bill film for years.

Kill Bill: Vol. 1 and Kill Bill: Vol. 2, which were released in 2003 and 2004, respectively, are some of Taratino's most iconic projects. The two-part film's stylistic violence coupled with the director's penchant for blending a series of cinema techniques and genres in a way that's seldom seen outside of his movies was a huge hit among fans. But, even though the movie technically already has an ending, this hasn't stopped fans from wishing that Tarantino would come back and make it a trilogy.

Now, it appears that Tarantino is open to the idea. Variety reports that Tarantino had a rather delightful reply when asked while at the Rome Film Festival if his tenth film could be a third Kill Bill installment. Whereas Tarantino took no time shutting down such talks in the past, the award-winning director had a rather simple but beautiful response this time, simply saying, "Why not?"

Of course, it's important to take note of what Tarantino said next. He added that he plans on making a comedy Western movie. If this is true, then it suggests that Tarantino is now open to making more than ten films.

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It doesn't matter how long it takes, if Tarantino works on Kill Bill 3, we have no doubt that fans will be willing to wait.

Then again, nothing is ever set in stone. Even if Tarantino has planned to end his career with his tenth movie, he might reconsider adding one or two more to make room for Kill Bill 3. Not to mention, he technically doesn't have to do that. The director classifies Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Kill Bill Vol. 2 as a single film. He could easily get away with lumping in the third installment and claiming that they're all a singular film.

With that said, it remains to be seen if Tarantino will ever get around to making Kill Bill 3 or his tenth film, for that matter. Either way, what's clear is that the 53-year-old living legend still hasn't lost his penchant for surprising audiences, which should only bode well for what is shaping up to be his swan song.

Speaking of Tarantino's final time as a director, the idea for Kill Bill 3 is right up there with his Rambo movie idea with Adam Driver as the lead.

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