Quentin Tarantino is selling Pulp Fiction NFTs

These Pulp Fiction NFTs will all feature never-before-seen clips from the 90s classic film.

Pulp Fiction premiered back in 1995. A lot has changed since then. For example, VHS and DVDs are no longer a thing. Pretty soon, Blu-ray will probably follow suit. Streaming platforms have taken the place of such physical media, and films are starting to make their way to other industries as well. A good example of this is cryptocurrency. We recently learned that Warner Bros. is doubling in on its cryptocurrency investment by releasing Matrix NFTs.

Tarantino might have just opened the proverbial flood gates for other filmmakers to follow suit.

Now, it appears that Quentin Tarantino is joining in on the NFT fun as well.

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Tarantino releases hidden Pulp Fiction as NFTs

Pulp Fiction is easily one of Tarantino's most iconic films.

Tarantino just revealed that he is going to release 7 never-before-seen clips from the classic 1995 film. The "Secret NFTs" was built on the Secret Network. This is a blockchain with a particular focus on privacy and secrecy. Anyone interested can place their bids on the non-fungible tokens via the Opensea website.

NFTs are a lucrative business that has an aggregated sales value of over $1 billion over the last 30 days, across various blockchains. The basic premise here is that each NFT is a unique and verifiable digital art and collectible that's easy to trade to other people as well. Several creative minds over the past few months have started to consider using NFTs to make a profit out of their creations.

For some reason, Tarantino's NFT venture feels oddly fitting. The eccentric filmmaker was never one to follow conventional norms. He's also very famous for wanting to do only a certain number of films before retiring. Since his filmmaking days are coming to an end, it makes sense that Tarantino is looking for other ways to make bank.

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Having said that, we're curious to see what kind of content the NFTs sold by Tarantino will have and if the filmmaker has other plans.

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