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Queen Maeve and Soldier Boy are "probably" returning to The Boys

The ending to The Boys Season 3 left the status of Queen Maeve, and especially, Soldier Boy, up in the air.

Queen Maeve is the longest-serving member of The Seven.
Queen Maeve is the longest-serving member of The Seven.

Amazon Prime Video's flagship series, The Boys, continues to be a success. We can expect Season 3 to garner as many if not more nominations, and probably even awards, compared to the first two seasons. But, the live-action TV adaptation of the comic book series of the same name is just getting started. Season 4 will begin production this summer, with a spin-off expected to precede the main series.

So, it would be fitting to say that Eric Kripke has his hands full plotting out what lies ahead for The Boys, including the future for the fan-favorite Supes, Queen Maeve, and Soldier Boy.

The end to The Boys season 3 was a fitting conclusion to the same season that also had the controversial "Herogasm" episode. Without spoiling the ending too much, the season finale saw the original The Seven's member, Dominique McElligott's Queen Maeve, forced to go into "retirement."

Meanwhile, the original Supe, Jensen Ackles' Soldier Boy now on ice. Not only that, but Nathan Mitchell's Black Noir is dead. This confirms that the Amazon Prime Videos version of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's comic book series will go a different way, although we can never be too sure.

Having said that, Kripke revealed in a Deadline interview that fans shouldn't give up on their hopes of seeing Queen Maeve, Soldier Boy, and even Black Noir, again.

Here's what Kripke had to say about Maeve's "departure":

We definitely won’t reach the end of the series without seeing Maeve again. I’m hoping we see Soldier Boy again.

You know, for instance for Maeve, we really felt like for Annie/Starlight to grow, we needed to take away her protector. It started to become sort of difficult because every time she was in a tight spot, you know, Maeve could show up and kick some ass, and we sort of need Annie to be in a position where she might be in real danger if she can’t figure it out for herself Queen Maeve and Soldier Boy are probably returning to The Boys#QueenMaeve #SoldierBoy #TheBoys ♬ original sound -

Kripke also added during the interview that it is "reasonably easy to recast" any hero that is "completely silent" and "completely masked-clad," when asked about Black Noir.

TLDR; we haven't seen the last of Queen Maeve, Soldier, and Black Noir.

The Black Noir we saw wasn't a copy of The Homelander, but who's to say that he's the only Black Noir around?
The Black Noir we saw wasn't a copy of The Homelander, but who's to say that he's the only Black Noir around?

Speaking of The Boys, a fourth season was confirmed halfway through Season 3. Kripke also let everyone know that he would like for Hideo Kojima to make a The Boys video game. The video game auteur recently talked about his idea for a canceled video game similar to The Boys.

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