Quads Mode Replaces Trios In Call Of Duty: Warzone, Fans Unhappy

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With today's launch of Season 3 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone, a lot of new content is available for gamers dropping into Verdansk. However, things didn't actually take shape quite how players expected, and the addition of a new mode meant the loss of another - and fans aren't happy.

Quads, a version of the game's original Battle Royale mode (which featured teams of three players), ups the number to four total squadmates and launched today. But instead of appearing alongside the vanilla Battle Royale mode it replaced it. It is no longer possible to play in teams of three at all.

This came as a shock to the fanbase and many - rather, just about all - players are voicing their dissatisfaction. Referred to as "trios", the original mode's replacement is widely considered a bad move, to say the least.

Beyond dissatisfaction with trios no longer being available, quads isn't really popular as it is, either, with most players rather requesting that Activision add a Duos mode instead. Four players is seemingly unideal for most friend groups that have been playing the game together and makes matchmaking more difficult.

For what it's worth, Duos has been rumored to be coming soon. It was present in the leaked information regarding Season 3 content, and the netcode has been discovered for it by dataminers. By the looks of things, it can't come soon enough.

The main Call of Duty: Warzone subreddit has exploded with new threads bemoaning Quads outright replacing trios, and the lack of a Duos mode. Several players have pointed out that a likely explanation is Activision trying to avoid fracturing the community by having too many modes available at the same time, but it stands to reason that with Warzone's numbers, three or even four modes wouldn't pose a problem.

Considering the storm this has kicked up, we'd be surprised if Activision doesn't respond to the situation swiftly. Keep an eye on our feeds for updates.

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