PSVR2 Sense controllers not working, here's some possible solutions

Numerous users reported Sense controllers not working as intended. Here are some possible solutions gathered via community feedback.

Players who own the new PSVR2 are experiencing no signal in a bug that initially seemed limited to the right Sense controller only, but is now also affecting the left Sense controller. Several users reported the issue of their Sense controllers not responding in-game, while they worked perfectly fine on the PS5's main menu screen.

Some games like Gran Turismo 7 do not support the Sense controllers, but many titles that do support the controllers do not seem to recognize the device when in-game. A Reddit user with the name u/HoodieTheCat78 started a thread on the PSVR2 subreddit with numerous fixes that users of the Sense controller can try to fix their issue.

The fixes' outcome is inconsistent, as some reported their issues being fixed while others said none of the solutions mentioned worked for them. Some users even replaced their hardware in hopes of fixing the issue. However, it also worked for only a few, while the issue persisted for others.

The OP of the Reddit thread has compiled multiple solutions gathered over a few days from the community feedback. It includes all the tried and tested methods that worked (and didn't) for the users. It seems that the OP intends to keep the thread up to date until an official fix is out from Sony. Be sure to check out the thread from time to time.

Here are the solutions that may potentially fix the issue for you:

Official Troubleshooting Method

This method is the official solution given to users upon troubleshooting.

  • Turn off your PS5.
  • Reset both the controllers using a pin.
  • Plug in the right Sense controller into the PS5 and press the PS button to turn on the console.
  • Now, pair the left controller by following the on-screen instructions.

Turn the affected controller Off and On

This method, in particular, worked for the OP. All you need to do for this is turn off your affected controller and then turn it back on. You can do this by holding the PS button on your affected controller and then waiting for the disconnected message to appear.

Once the message shows up, you will be booted to the home menu. Once on the home menu, use your unaffected controller (or your regular DualSense controller) to get back into the game. Once in-game, press the PS button on your affected Sense controller again to turn it back on. Ensure you look at the in-game screen and not the 'See Through' mode.

The OP also posted a similar version of the above, mentioning that they started the console and went into the game with the DualSense controller. The Sense controllers were completely turned off at this point. Then, while in-game, without turning on the See Through mode, they used the PS button on the right Sense controller to turn it on, followed by doing the same with the left Sense controller.

Unplug the PS5

  • Turn off the PS5.
  • Unplug the power cable and wait for 10 mins.
  • After 10 mins, plug the cable back in.
  • Turn on the PS5.

Turn the unaffected controller off and on

This solution is similar to the second solution. However, this time you turn off your unaffected controller and turn it back on, instead of the affected controller.

Turn Feedback Off and On

  • Connect your PSVR2 to your console.
  • Ensure your controller is completely charged and paired with your PS5.
  • Go to Settings > Accessories and select Controller (General) option.
  • Select the Trigger Effect Intensity option and disable it.
  • Now, enable the Trigger Effect Intensity option again.

According to the thread, at least two users have reported this method working for them where the Sense controllers worked over multiple days.

Turn off Bluetooth

This method involves turning off your PS5 Bluetooth.

    Go to System Settings > Accessories > General > Advanced Settings > Turn Off Bluetooth.
  • Restart the console.
  • Now, connect your DualSense controller using the USB wire and go back to the settings and turn on the Bluetooth.

Turn on PS5 with Affected Controller

Try using the affected controller to take your PS5 out of the rest mode. For the OP, it was the right Sense controller that wasn't working. However, they tried to turn PS5 back on while it was in the rest mode using the right Sense controller, and it seemed to have fixed the issue.

Turn on PS5 with Headset

According to u/Totido1, they got the Sense controllers working by turning on the PS5 using the Headset. But, unfortunately, the solution didn't last for long as it returned after some time.

Unplug the Headset and Turn Off PS5

Some users reported that unplugging their Headsets and completely turning off the PS5 worked for them. Here's the order you can follow to try for yourself.

  • Unplug the Headset and turn off your PS5.
  • Turn on your PS5 while the Headset is still unplugged.
  • Turn on both Sense controllers and jump into a game you want to play.
  • Finally, plug in the Headset.

Connect PS5 to your router with LAN Cable

u/brovarnyi successfully solved the issue by making a wired internet connection between the router and their PS5. They attributed this to reducing interference with the controllers' Bluetooth signal. If you wish to try this, turn off your PS5 before plugging in the cable. Also, forget the current WiFi network, or it may automatically connect to the router wirelessly.

Disconnect and Connect Affected Controller

This method was suggested by u/TardisTraveler87, who had issues with their left Sense controller. All they did was suspend their game to go to their Bluetooth settings and disconnect the affected controller from there. This was done while the PSVR2 and the Sense controllers were still turned on.

After that, they returned to the suspended game and pressed the PS button on the affected Sense controller (the left one in this case) to connect it. This fixed the issue for them.

Delete and Resync

This is the classic method of solving the issue with Bluetooth devices. You need to resync the controllers for this to work.

  • Go to the Settings of your console.
  • Go to Accessories.
  • Select General and go to Bluetooth Accessories.
  • Select VR2 Sense Controller (L) and press delete. Repeat the same for VR2 Sense Controller (R).
  • Now, resync the controllers to your console individually via the USB cable.

Reset Sense controllers

While in-game (not in the See Through or View Surroundings screen), try resetting your Sense controllers by sticking a safety pin in the tiny hole next to the R2/L2 buttons. You will hear a small click. Keep holding until the controller disconnects. After that, press the PS button on the controller to turn it back on, and it should automatically connect to the console.

Disconnect DualSense Controllers

This is quite obvious and easy to miss as well. Turn off your DualSense controllers so that only the Sense controllers are connected.

Reset DualSense Controllers

Reset all of your DualSense controllers by sticking a pin in the hole next to the Sony logo on the back of the controller.

Remove Charging Nubs

If you have the official charger for the Sense controllers, take out the charging nubs and keep them someplace safe as they are quite small and easy to lose.

Button Remapping

Go to the settings and try to remap the controls randomly. Once done, reset the controls to default to see if it works.

Rebuilding Database

This should be a reliable method as the user was able to get in touch with the official PlayStation customer support in the Czech Republic and fix their issue using the method they recommended. Here's how it goes.

  • First, go to Settings > Accessories and remove all the controllers, including everything you see on the list.
  • Turn off your PS5 and turn it back on in Safe Mode. You can do this by pressing and holding the power button for approximately 7 seconds. You will hear a 'beep' sound twice before it turns on.
  • Connect your DualSense controller via the USB cable and press the PS button on the controller.
  • Go to the fifth option, 'Rebuild Database,' and wait for the system to rebuild the database.
  • After that, log in using the connected DualSense controller.
  • Reset both your VR Sense controllers using a pin. Stick a safety pin in a tiny hole you see between R2/L2.
  • Connect both the VR Sense controllers at the same time.
  • Press the PS button on both the VR Sense controllers at the exact same time.
  • Turn on your VR, and now everything should work as intended.

You won't lose your data if you rebuild the database.

Replace Hardware

Replacing your hardware is the final option. According to u/aReawakening, they did some personal testing and found some discrepancies. Even u/Rekpet2 followed up on his thread, saying they replaced the controller, and it worked.

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