PSN Japan just leaked a Lost Judgment demo

As per recent findings at Japan PSN, a Lost Judgment demo might be coming soon.

Leaks are often very unreliable. However, sometimes they do actually come from credible sources and have a good shot at being true. Case in point, this most recent rumor comes straight from a listing on Japan's PSN account, which suggests that a demo of Lost Judgment is going to be available soon.

Lost Judgment got an extended story trailer at Gamescom 2021.

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When is the release date of the Lost Judgment demo?

Lost Judgment might be the last Judgment game with Takuya Kimura in the lead.

Just like the mainline Yakuza games, the first Ryu Ga Gotaku Studios-developed spinoff game was initially released in Japan in December 2018 before it was made available to the rest of the world the following June 2019. However, for Lost Judgment, Sega and RGG studios are doing something different.

Unlike every other Yakuza and Judgment game that preceded it, Lost Judgment will launch worldwide on September 24, 2021. SEGA confirmed this earlier in the year when it first announced the Judgment sequel.

With only a few weeks left before Lost Judgment becomes available, a demo of the game appears to be on its way.

As always, we recommend that you take the leak with a grain of salt. Even if it comes from the PlayStation Network database, without any confirmation, we can't say for sure that it's true. But, if it is, there's no reason not to expect the demo to be available worldwide, which is obviously great news for western gamers. Although there's no evidence of the same data appearing in the database of the EU and US versions of the PlayStation Network, Lost Judgment is a worldwide release at launch for the first time in the Yakuza franchise.

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Lost Judgment is the first Yakuza game to release in and out of Japan simultaneously.

What would have been perfectly understandable is for the demo to be exclusive to PlayStation users, even if Lost Judgment is also set to launch on Xbox consoles as well.

Of course, if the demo ends up being exclusive to Japan, we wouldn't be surprised either. It's just weird considering how much effort Sony put into making sure that Lost Judgment is available all over the world at the same time upon launch.

With that said, fans are definitely excited for Lost Judgment. One of the latest gameplay trailers showed just that the game's director and lead actor were big fans of the game. Not to mention, audiences are worried that this might be the last Judgment game. Because of the tension between SEGA and the lead actor's agency, this might be the last time we'll see Takayuki Yagami in a game.

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