PS5's DualSense Edge controller will be coming in January 2023

The new pro controller from Sony will have a retail price of $200.

Sony’s DualSense controller for the PS5 is already impressive, but hardcore gamers still want more functionality and customizability out of their controllers. Acknowledging this, Sony revealed the new DualSense Edge pro controller for the PS5.

Sony's new controller for the PS5 will arrive in January.

According to a Sony blog, "the DualSense Edge wireless controller features a host of hardware and software-based personalization options, including button remapping, the ability to fine-tune stick sensitivity and triggers, options to swap between multiple control profiles, and a unique on-controller user interface."

The official description continues to state that "it also sports the signature comfort and immersive features of the DualSense wireless controller, like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers." Sony has released a video trailer showcasing the features of the new pro controller.

Sony is not the only console coming up with a pro-level controller. A highly customizable Xbox Elite controller is also coming for Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S console, in a similar vein to the universally praised Elite controller for their previous console.

Pro-level customizability

The pro-controller will include customizable thumbsticks and back paddles.

The new controller takes the original PS5 DualSense device and adds two new customizable paddles at the back. These new paddles can be mapped to any of the PS5 buttons. The back paddles can be customized as the controller comes with a pair of half dome and level back buttons.

The new pro controller will also feature adjustable trigger sensitivity. The resistance and travel of the triggers can be customized to fit the needs of the player. Shallow travel can be useful for shooter games quick shots, while racing games will benefit greatly from a deeper pull and more resistance to provide more precise inputs.

The DualSense Edge will have replaceable thumbstick caps to suit the player’s preference. The pro controller comes with a pair of standard caps, high dome caps, and low dome caps. The entire thumbstick modules are also replaceable.

The dead zone and sensitivity of the thumbsticks can also be fine tuned, greatly increasing directional control in competitive titles. The new controller will retain the immersive adaptive triggers and haptic feedback of the original, still available only in games that support these features.

The DualSense Edge comes with a carrying case.

The DualSense Edge also comes with a braided USB connector and a connector housing. The USB connector features a locking mechanism to provide a more secure connection during intense gameplay. A carrying case will also be included with each purchase.

Sony has announced that the new DualSense Edge will be available for pre-order from October 25, 2022, in the US, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. All pre-orders will be from the PlayStation website.

The new DualSense Edge controller will be available on January 26, 2023, and cost $199.99. The replaceable stick modules will retail for $19.99.

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