PS5 scalping is now over as stocks stabilize

Scalpers are finding it hard to sell their stocks as the console becomes widely available.

Sony has declared that the console shortage is over.

The PlayStation 5 has had a history of supply issues with the global chip shortage limiting the number of consoles that are available in stores, hitting especially hard during the increased demand of the pandemic months. During its launch, the PS5 was rarely seen in gaming stores and there were long wait lists for the console online - but that has changed at long last.

Consoles such as the PS5 were in such high demand during the lockdowns that many turned to scalpers who were snapping up the available supply. Scalpers used bots and the like to acquire consoles that were available in online gaming stores and resell them at double the price.

The supply of the PS5 has now been stabilized with Sony President Jim Ryan announcing that the shortage is over. Sony is now ramping up the production of the console and is even outselling the Nintendo Switch in certain regions due to the demand still being high.

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On Reddit, many users have declared the end of scalping for the PS5. Users have shared images of scalpers cutting prices just to sell their remaining inventory. Some resellers are selling consoles at lower than MSRP just to get rid of their stocks.

There are a good number of listings on eBay for the PlayStation 5 ranging from $450 to $490. The latter is for limited edition bundles including God of War Ragnarok. The price drop confirms Sony’s claim that the supply of the sought-after console is now stable.

Buying a PS5 is easier for gamers nowadays as many physical stores and online retailers have stocks on hand. It will be best to buy consoles from official stores as they are covered by warranties and return policies.

As is to be expected, there hasn’t been much sympathy for scalpers on Reddit - and there shouldn't be. One user comments, "I hope he has to go down like $230 for people to buy." The comment received 1,000 upvotes from other users.

Prices for the PS5 have significantly dropped in the reseller markets.

Another user shared their experience on the Facebook Marketplace: "I saw a FB marketplace seller doing this same thing! Around $400 as well, just under retail. However, when I messaged him he told me that was just for the listing and they're actually $500," the user said. "Went to the store that day and got one, at least now I have a warranty."

Sony has been marketing the availability of the console. Jim Ryan made it clear that it is far easier to purchase the console worldwide. Sony is also hinting that it plans to leave the PS4 behind and move fully to the new generation console. The release of the PS VR2 headset is a sign that the company is committing to the PS5 from here on out.

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