PS5 sales up by 98% over last year in the UK

Sony has improved its stock, resulting in the recent quarter being its best since launch.

Late last year, we reported how Sony sold over 2 million PS5 units in Japan and how the numbers continued to improve, thanks to the units coming back into stock. As expected, it wasn't long before international PlayStation markets started to catch up.

Ps5 Sales Up By 98% Over Last Year In The Uk

The PS5 has been enjoying a significant upward trajectory over the last few months, evident through multiple sources and Sony's recent earnings report.'s Christopher Ding recently revealed in a tweet that the UK sales for PS5 have been coming in hot, with a staggering 98% increase in sales compared to the same month last year.

With the new year, PS5 sales in the UK almost doubled in January 2023, and Sony also recently announced that the PlayStation 5 had its strongest quarter thanks to the sales. According to the report, Sony shipped 7.1 million PS5s in the last three months leading up to December 31, 2022. The 7.1 million units are almost double the 3.9 million units sold in the same quarter last year. In total, Sony has shipped 32.1 million units of PS5.

Now it seems that Sony can finally overcome stock shortages of the PS5 and provide adequate units to the market. While the sales in the UK increased by almost 98% year-over-year, PlayStation console-exclusive games also benefitted (as did console sales).

Thanks to the hike in sales, PlayStation console-exclusive God of War Ragnarok also reached the second spot on the best-selling charts. Those looking to purchase the console should now have an easier time looking for one.

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