PS5 Exclusive Deathloop Delayed To September

Fans will need to wait a little longer to get their hands on Arkane's stylish temporal paradox assassin shooter Deathloop. A PS5 exclusive (that's also launching on PC), Deathloop was originally planned to release sometime in late 2020 alongside the console, however the pandemic and other hiccups threw a wrench in the works, pushing it to May this year.


Unfortunately, Arkane has announced yet another delay.

Deathloop was already in a funny place, being billed as a PS5 exclusive, a deal that predates the recent acquisition of Bethesdan and thus Arkane by Microsoft - though guarantees were made that the game would still be developed under the original terms. Facing difficulties posed by the current on-going global COVID-19 pandemic, Arkane has rightfully decided to place the wellbeing and health of their employees first, thus deciding to delay Deathloop until the 14th of September, 2021.

Fans of Prey and Dishonored will find the mechanics of Deathloop familiar yet fresh

In the current strange, difficult times we're living, extra care needs to be given to physical and mental health, and surely the wellbeing of people is more important than getting an entertainment product out into the marker sooner. Luckily Arkane understands this, and has made the right decision, for which we applaud them.

Deathloop will give Arkane fans the fix they've likely been thirsting for since the release of Prey, with the trademark stylistic approach and immersive sim gameplay mechanics. Set on an island locked into a one-day time loop wherein residents throw a party and let loose, since the next morning everyone wakes up alive, healthy and without memories, players step into the shoes of an assassin tasked with taking out 8 targets before the loop ends.

The game features strikingly stylized visuals

Featuring stealth and parkour mechanics alongside the unique time-loop mechanic, challenging players to learn patterns and find solutions through trial and error, Deathloop also boasts some asymmetrical multiplayer elements wherein players can 'invade' the games of others as an agent tasked with stopping the assassin.

Arkane and the dev team will be putting the extra time to good use, further polishing the title and ensuring that it will launch in the best possible shape when the September 14 release date rolls around.

Aron Gerencser
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