PS3 Consoles Are Getting Banned After a Potential Sony Data Breach

As Sony starts focusing on the PlayStation 5, some of its older consoles are either getting canceled or forgotten. The PS3, in particular, is the latest victim of Sony's negligence.

Millions of PS3 consoles are reportedly vulnerable after reports emerged of a Sony data breach.

Even though Sony backed out of shutting down the digital storefronts for the PS3, it seems like it hasn't really been paying much attention to the older PlayStation console. In fact, according to some users, Sony is banning certain PS3 consoles because hackers are using stolen user IDs for malicious purposes.

Is There Another Big Sony Data Breach?

Sony and its database were the targets of a huge security breach back in 2011 and then again in 2014. A little over seven years later and it seems like hackers, who are reportedly using the same exploits used by those responsible for the aforementioned security breaches, have begun targeting Sony once again. In particular, hackers are using the console ID of PS3 owners.

One of the first to report on this breach was the Spanish YouTuber, TheWizWiki, back in April. The user claims that this breach could result in millions of PS3 owners getting their consoles banned.

In his video, which is in Spanish, TheWizWiki claims that the hacking community found the serial numbers for PS3 consoles without too much effort. Since then, the hackers have spread it within its entire community and now, it seems like TheWizWiki's words have come true.

Over at the PSNProfiles forum, a user named GUDGER666 confirmed that the ban by Sony was directed specifically on the console and not the PSN ID.

He says that he tried to use the PS3 console to log on to the PSN Network, but was met with a message that Sony has temporarily banned or suspended the console. Meanwhile, he was successful in using his PSN ID on another PS3 console.

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According to GUDGER666, all he did before the ban was watch Netflix on his banned PS3 console. Others have since confirmed GUDGER666's report and some have also received similar bans on virtually every PS3 console model manufactured and released by Sony.

However, there are conflicting reports from users regarding how long their consoles were banned or suspended. Some are saying that Sony banned their PS3 only for 24 others while others are claiming that the ban lasts 72 hours. There are those reporting that their bans are permanent, which is unfortunate.

At the moment, Sony has not given an official statement. However, if we were to hazard guess, it's probably incidents like these why Sony initially decided to shut down the PlayStation Store on the PS3 and other consoles.

The PS3 was first released back in 2006. It was officially discontinued in 2017.

While this is unfortunate, some users are seeing the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

Over on Reddit, some are joking that Hideo Kojima did this to promote Silent Hill, referring to the rumors that Abandoned is Kojima's Silent Hill game in disguise. Meanwhile, other users are saying that they're waiting for the next free game that Sony gives away as compensation if this is true.

With that in mind, we do recommend that you take everything you've read with a grain of salt. It is possible that this is just a made-up rumor and there wasn't really a data breach over at Sony.

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