PS Plus Premium adds free trial for Carrion

At this point, there appears to be no pattern with what games Sony adds to one of the benefits of getting a PS Plus Premium or Deluxe subscription.

It's safe to say that Sony is doing everything it can to incentivize subsribers to spend more for its most expensive subscription tier.

PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers can rejoice in fear because a new game has arrived to the growing selection of games in the free trial library.

Devolver Digital's Carrion is now available to try for those who have active PS Plus Premium and Deluxe subscriptions.

Carrion is a unique take on the horror game genre as it puts players in the shoes of a monster that consumes scientists. As the "bad guy", players must fend off soldiers to survive by upgrading itself to become stronger and more ferocious.

This "reverse-horror" game is an excellent inverse of the resurging genre that kicked off with the release of the Dead Space Remake earlier this year and was kept in the mainstream spotlight by Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Carrion isn't everybody's cup of tea but it's good fun, especially if you can get it at a discount.

Carrion originally came out for the last-gen platforms as well as the Amazon Luna in 2020 before the PS5 port was released on April 27.

Curiously enough, the developers didn't bother porting the game over to the Xbox Series S and X. Is this a precursor to a PS VR2 version of the game? Only Sony knows.

In any case, the one-hour free trial should give you enough time to scurry around the research lab as an amorphous, red monster, to see if Carrion is for you or not.

Carrion is the third game that was added to the free trial selection for PS Plus Premium members in April 2023. The others are Cult of the Lamb and DE-EXIT - Eternal Matters.

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